Looking for Pre/postnatal Bellydance Lessons in Cincinnati Area

Updated on February 20, 2008
A.S. asks from Cincinnati, OH
4 answers

I am looking for a prenatal bellydance class near Cincinnati. Also, I am looking for videos, websites, books, articles, and contact information with anything related to pre and postnatal bellydancing.

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Countryside YMCA is offering Belly Dancing classes...I just signed up for the Thursday night class from 730-845pm...I believe that she teaches an hour class two days thru the week in the afternoon....good luck!



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To back up Summer's suggestion, here's Gaiananda's website:


They are the bellydancing group associated with the center Summer mentioned. The website includes performance dates and class information. They are REALLY nice folks.
Good luck!




answers from Cincinnati on

The classes are not specifically prenatal, but I take bellydance at the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon. I'm also pregnant. I love the class and highly recommend it if you live up that way. Other places that offer classes include The Center for World Rhythms and Movement (4719 Vine Street), Lion of Babylon (4201 Ballard Ave, 45209), and Kira's Oasis (Dayton, OH).



answers from Cincinnati on

I don't know if she's still offering the classes, but try: http://www.baladimomma.com/

Another good resource to join/try would be (where you could search the archives, and if nothing comes up, then post asking for info on prenatal bellydance):

Congrats on your pregnancy! :)

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