Looking for Place to Board My Puppy

Updated on March 05, 2008
M.B. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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I have never used pet boarding. I live in Flower Mound. I need some advice on where to take my 8 month old Border Collie for a long weekend (Thurs. -Sun.) I am also wondering how much these services typically cost per day. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.

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Hi! I own Canine Courtyard in Flower Mound www.caninecourtyard.com All the info should be on the website, but if you have any other questions feel free to call up there. You can also message me, but my computer access is limited right now. I had a baby by c-section less that 2 weeks ago, so I won't be up there, but my husband is there daily as well as a great manager and staff. We run this business because we love dogs, not to make a huge profit. We both gave up great corporate jobs because we are passionate about animals. I hope you will consider us. Where ever you go, be sure to take a tour first. Some places don't give tours, and I personally find that very disconcerting. Good luck in your decision.



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Southlake has petsmart hotel and they are not bad. I went there and then they would not take our puppy because you have to have all the shots and one was missing. It is the one that protects them around other dogs. Since we never have our dog around other dogs the vet did not give that one to her. She has it now but we still have not had to leave her but one day when we travel to Ca or Seattle we want to take her. G. W



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We have used a place in Argyle for the last 10 years off of 1830 called Windsong Kennels. It is in a lovely country setting and the people are very nice. We had 2 Labs (one recently passed away & our other is 15) so we don't board him anymore but our sons have young Labs that they board there. Prices are very fair and you can get an indoor/outdoor keenel. Should not be too far from Flower Mound. Good Luck!

The address is
6275 FM 1830
Argyle, TX 76226



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I boarded my cat last summer at PetSmart in Flower Mound and was very happy with the care and the pricing. I believe their puppy area has much more room for playing, etc., although is probably a bit more expensive.

If money is not an object, check out The Dog Lofts at Morriss and Flower Mound Road. (http://www.thedoglofts.com)

They have huge "suites" and play areas, and even cameras where you can see what your pup is up to online. The pricing is listed on their website. It is not cheap, to say the least, but if you have the funds to spend, it might be worth it to you to make extra sure your baby is as safe and happy as you can afford to provide.

You also might consider a pet-sitter if you don't mind having someone come into your house while you're gone. Their pricing would probably be comparable to PetSmart boarding (at one visit per day), and way less than The Dog Lofts.

Good Luck!

L. Ware



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There's a mom on here somewhere that owns a boarding service.

We almost always use neighbors (we trade, they have animals too). But a puppy can need more attention.

There's a Pet Loft up at 407 and 2499 which I hear is very nice and of course Pet Smart which looks very nice but I haven't used.

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