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Updated on March 07, 2010
S.O. asks from Edmond, OK
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Hey Mommas

My husband and I are moving to the Edmond/Deer Creek area in April or May. We are moving from Phoenix, AZ. I was just wondering if anyone has recommendations on a pediatrician. I am looking for a doctor who is more sensitive to baby, what I mean is I follow the attachment parenting style, breastfeeding, babywearing, and sleep sharing. The doctor that I have now for my son, wasn't really for sleeping with him or feeding on demand. I just want someone who agrees with my style of parenting.

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we love ours--dr jana freeman through mercy hospital. now, we switched when my daughter was almost two (our prev. dr retired)so we didn't get into the cosleeping babywearing as much, but i did both, and avery wasn't weaned til she was two, and is still in our bed and dr freeman didn't say a word about us nursing or cosleeping. unfortuantely in okc, not saying anything is about the best you can get. i had switched four times til we found a dr who wasn't aggressively criticising us for cosleeping, extended breastfeeding and babywearing. dr freeman has praised the amount of time that we nursed, and has told me that my kids are really well adjusted, and when we discussed attachment parenting she was accepting, and not critical. she is perfectly ok with delaying vaccinations, and does not prescribe anitbiotics without definitive lab work, which she has right there in her office. babytraining is very very popular here. i can tell you who not to go to. anyone in the practice with dr kelly stephens. he criticised me in the hospital for "nursing too much" that babies didnt' really need it. he has a sign in his office basically saying that he is really rude, and if you don't like it, you should probably find another doctor.

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We LOVE Dr Kenneth Jackson. He is in Oklahoma City, but on the north side of town and fairly close to the highway. He is so patient. Loves the kids and really listens to the parents. He also has a background in allergies which is great. His number is ###-###-####.



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I think our doc is great, Dr Garrison ###-###-####. He's on Memorial Road at a Mercy clinic. One of the docs I work with recommended him and he is fantastic, he takes time to talk over every single issue with you.



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I kind of made this recommendation before, so it's easier to cut and paste :-)

It's a bit outside of Edmond, but we drive to Guthrie to see Michael Elliott. He's been our boys' pediatrician for 8 years. My oldest is now 23, and since Elliott is board-certified in internal medicine too, he doesn't have to give up his doctor. He got us through some very tough times with my oldest, diagnosed his cancer when we had already been to another doctor.

I have had to wait in the exam room for him before, but the wait is ALWAYS worth it. I noticed something once, that he doesn't wear a watch. He said one time a patient saw him look at it, he felt horrible, and took it off and never put another one on. So he never makes me feel rushed. He's also really, really good at explaining stuff.

The downside is that he only schedules "regular" visits in the morning. The upside is that he has ALWAYS been able to see my family the same day when we are sick, because his office leaves the entire afternoon open everyday for same-day sick visits.

The drive is about 15 minutes north of Edmond, but it' worth every minute to me.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We love our pediatrician, Dr. Gerald Dickman. He offices at Integris Baptist Medical Center, just a highway trip from Edmond. We have been going to him for, wow, about 12 years. He is a D.O. so he has a more holisitc approach.

I have co-slept with all three of my kids and he has never had a problem with it. I don't specifically know about feeding on demand, but I guess in essence that is what I did. When they were/are hungry I feed them? I have never had him say to put the kids on a schedule. I guess I didnt know there was a specific term and that someone would allow anyone else to tell them when to feed their own kid?? Weird. Anywho.

He does not give medication unless it is proven necceesary. He is very concerned with the whole family, not just the baby. Let's say that after having my third he sometimes took as much time taking care of my emotional well-being as on Abi's health. He is very concerned with the family being healthy which in turn makes a healthy kid. As the years have gone by, I have been even more impressed with his relationship with my kids as they have grown. I know it seems far off now, but I appreciate how he listens to them and how they are feeling, what symptoms are normal and what illnesses they are prone to. It becomes a team effort and I know that when my oldest, now 13, begins to have those appointments alone, Dr. Dickman knows our values and will lead private discussions down the path we choose as the parents.

Good Luck with choosing a doc. Oh, yeah. He is anti trampoline though. :)



answers from Oklahoma City on

Village Center Pediatrics...Tammy Maschino, M.D. and Tim Krouse, M.D. They are located on Coffee Creek and Kelly. We love them and their staff. we see Dr. Maschino and Karyl her NP...She is awesome!!!




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Hello. Our dr is Susan Redwine ###-###-####) she is a pediatrician for Mercy. She supports your decisions but offers her advice. She is a new mommy as well. She is in North Edmond. :)

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