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Updated on August 18, 2019
S.S. asks from Gaithersburg, MD
8 answers

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a nice, clean, and bright party room in Montgomery County for a Baby Shower in October. Anyone has any ideas?

Thank you.

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answers from New York on

Where is Montgomery County? It would be helpful if you described what state it is in and some other things about what type of a place Montgomery County is, so that people could help you brainstorm ideas.

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answers from Washington DC on

I’m not in your area but I’ve been to a few showers at local nondenominational churches. The rooms are always big and clean and bright. I’m guessing they are rentable?

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answers from San Francisco on

This is a national site, so you are probably better off doing a google search. You could also try the local community center, parks and rec dept, churches, etc.

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answers from Atlanta on

have you called any of the restaurants in your area to see if they have a party room? I know many of the restaurants around here do.

You really don't give enough information in your post to really help you.

How many people are you having?
are you serving food?
are children going to be there?
is this a "family" thing or friends and family?
Is everyone local or will people be coming in from out of town?

There are hotels that have conference rooms and they can cater to your group.

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answers from Washington DC on

ETA: Gaithersburg, MD is essentially a suburb of Washington DC. It is North West of DC and above Bethesda (where the Naval Hospital is). If you view DC as a clock - it's at the
11 o'clock position.

Welcome to mamapedia, S..

You can call around to restaurants and ask if they have a party room.

Before you do this - you need to know the following:

1. Your budget.
2. the number of people attending
3. The food preference of the mother to be

If you're going to do this yourself - you need to know your budget - what you can afford and for how many people. If you want people to pay for themselves? Kinda funky when you have a party.

Location will be important - if you plan on serving food - a restaurant will be your best bet. If you want it catered? You can get a "conference room" and have some place bring the food in.

There's plenty of places in Gaithersburg. Here's a list from google.


Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

Just to add the moms' suggestions below, here the local day care centers (privately run) often rent out their rooms (they often have a nice big one and then have a kitchen, meal prep area with washrooms and play area for kids that might come along, etc.) too.

My friend had her shower at a (no longer in use) train station which was super cute - they rented it out. I think she just googled 'venues and event spaces' or 'parties and facility rentals' and that kind of thing.

I think church spaces and rec halls or the daycare centers though are very affordable on the whole. They are usually very bright and come very clean. Sometimes they come catered (I know my friend always uses them - think of the yummy foods put on by some church groups!)

Good luck :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

I’m not familiar with where you live but around here various restaurants have rooms available to reserve. The rooms themselves do not cost but your group is expected to buy food from the restaurant.

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answers from Washington DC on

you need to restrict your post to the geographical area in which you're interested. 90% of the posters here will have no idea.

but hey, i can google for you.



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