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Updated on March 05, 2008
D.A. asks from Kennesaw, GA
4 answers

Any help in finding a part time job in the Kennesaw/Acworth area would be greatly appreciated.

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These are goverment jobs, but they do offer part time positions.



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Have you thought about teaching pre-school? It works well with your schedule around your kids. Lots of church-run pre-schools are in need of substitutes and after a background check and interview, you can be added to their list.



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Hi D.,

Hi Kim,

I do have a position available. It does not require selling a product, it requires cross serving a dream and a wondering opportunity to protect your family. Before you say, NO, and miss out on this opportunity contact me today.

I own a marketing business in Atlanta, Georgia. We are looking for new recruits. It is a very lucrative business opportunity. You do not have to have a business background. You must like people and have a passion for money.

You can own your own business, right here in Georgia. Please contact me so that you can be on the next conference call or I can find a seminar in your area.




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Do you like to research?

An attorney's office usually needs Girl Friday's to do searches on the internet or at the law library (or local library). Make up a flyer and offer them your services as an independent contractor. You can charge what you want within reason.

Are you good with sales?

There are a lot of direct sales companies that offer their independent contractors many benefits. AVON has a health plan and life insurance as well as boatloads of discounts to many companies. Tupperware is awesome and parties are fun! My TW lady drives a company car (says she hasn't paid for gas in many years and has a great downline). Her parties are fun and you meet a lot of nice people.

Are you good with pets?

Everyone needs their pets looked after while they are at work. Make up flyers and pin them on the mailbox posts in your neighborhood. Not only is it a great way to get to know your neighbors, but it's fun and great exercise, too :)

Do you like to write? Start writing a book but in the meantime to make some $$, offer your services as a grant writer to any and all non-profits in your neighborhood.

VA's (virtual assistant) make a lot of money but you have to market yourself pretty well to doctor's offices, attorneys, and any small business that needs a virtual secretary.

There are tons of great ____@____.com in their cyberschmooze area. They also offer grants to small businesses and boatloads of helpful advice!

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