Looking for Owner Financing---Where to Find??? Help Please!

Updated on August 27, 2009
T.C. asks from Mesquite, TX
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My husband and I have been renting a home from my parents for about a year but we desperately want to be in our own home. We still do not have our credit where it needs to be to get financing but it is hard to find owner financing homes. Does anyone know of a website where I could find homes? We check craigslist but there are very few listed where we want to live. When I google "owner financing" lots come up, but they all require to put in a lot of info and I am scared to trust them with my info! UGH Please help. I so want a home!

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So What Happened?

I appreciate your thoughts and we are not jumping the gun. We have been praying about this for a year now and working on getting to a place where we can provide a home for our children. Right now my son has to stay in a closet in a pack n play that he barely fits in- this has been going on for way too long. Staying where we are is not an option. This is not about an american dream this about providing for our children. We are going to have to move. I just would prefer to move somewhere where my kids can plant some roots, make friends and know we are going to be there for a while. When you rent, you can't say that! So as a mama I am going to do whatever it takes to make that happen for my children. And I know you would do the same! =) Blessings and thanks again for your thoughts!

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I second the response below. Often, it's just not the right time to own, and renting is the best option. People have "jumped the gun" in the past into the perceived "American Dream" of homeownership only to be in a big old mess later (our current economy is living proof). Secondly, I have several referral sources in my business that are Owner-finance firms. (One part of my business refinances prior owner-financed Notes to regular mortgages once the credit is up to standard, and another part sells the home short of what is owed on the owner-financed home if something has gone awry.)

Owner financing is a tricky thing. The inventory of homes is limited due to the fact that many sellers want out instead of a "rent to own" program, so to speak, so you will need to be patient for the right place, or need to be flexible about where you'll live. Also, you (the Buyer) need to have some cash to put down. Many people who are struggling with credit issues don't have 5-10% cash available for down payment. If you can work with these 2 things above, let me know and I can put you in touch with some very reputable Owner-finance companies.


C. McElroy
Director of Mortgage Operations/Loss Mitigation Specialist
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Hi T.,

First, I understand how much everyone would like to be in their own home.

Secondly, I also understand that there are many interesting things about owner-financing. Investors who owner finance will protect their interests and make sure that they get a good deal out of the contract. It is very important that you proceed with caution and pray for lots of wisdom and discernment if you proceed with this type of deal!

Honestly, it would be best for you to continue living where you are and save money while you work on your own credit repair. Housing prices are likely to continue dropping for a while as houses are staying on the market for a very long time.

I know that this is not the advice you wanted to hear - but it is a nightmare to be trapped in something you can't afford.

Good luck!

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My husband works for a mortgage company in addison and would love to assist you. He has been in the mortgage industry for 17 years and also helps people with their credit to buy a house as well. If you would like you can contact him at ###-###-#### ext 211 and let him know I referred you to him.He generally works from 9-7 mon-thurs and 9-4 fri.

Michael Browne
Hunter Financial Group



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Hi T.,

I am a real estate agent with Keller Williams and I can help you find owner financed homes.

If you want to email me directly with your home critera I will set you up to receive daily emails of owner financed homes as they come on the market. Incldue: age, year built, beds, baths, etc.

Have you called anyone to find out if you can pre-approved yet? If not that would be your first step. If you can take advantage of the $8000.00 in free money that would be ideal.

Also, if you decide to wait a year I have a great attorney who can help you with your credit issues for dirt cheap.

Please feel free to call me or email me direct if I can answer any questions or help you in any way.

Best Wishes,

C. Roeschen
The Trinity Group
Keller Williams

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