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Updated on December 07, 2006
A.G. asks from Jacksonville, FL
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Hello all! We are considering buying a wagon this Christmas for our 1 and 3 year old boys. There are (like everything else) so many out there to choose from, I was wondering if you could share your opinions on the ones you have out there. What do you like/dislike...what kinds do you have...plastic or metal...storage or not...etc.
Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your input and advice! Santa (aka papa) sent us the step2 cross country wagon...the top half is removable, so it can be used as a flatbed also...hopefully this will work out well! Thank you all again!

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My daughter just had a playdate with a friend and he had a wagon - plastic red ryder wagon ... what was differnt is that it was for two kids, it had a flip up 'back' for the seat and seat belts which I found to be great so the kids wouldn't stand up while they were being pulled

hope this helps!

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Hello - Last Halloween of '05 I bought my then 1 year old a Playskool Step2 green wagon. It was between this and the RadioFlyer. I chose the Step2 because it has a door and my daughter was all over opening and closing it. HOWEVER, now I know why I should have gone with something else. It has plastic tires. Not good because they're noisy as all when you're pulling the wagon up and down the street. I live on older streets that aren't smooth. It's so annoying. Too loud to talk to or hear the child. It's just disturbing to the experience. If I were to buy one all over again, it'd be imperative to me to have rubber tires that made less noise when in motion. Good luck!



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Hi A., I have the radio flyer pathfinder wagon. It is a regular wagon, where the bottom of the wagon folds up to become the backs of the seats. My kids are almost 4 and almost two and they love this wagon. i bought it about 5mnths ago from walmart. I am attaching a link, you will have to copy and paste it though! I hope this helps you. they have one like this only it has a sunroof/cnopy thing to it. I thought about that one too, it was just a little to expensive for mw at the time. They also have little clip on umbrella things on the radio flyer website that you can purchase for the wagon also. I first thought it was going to be tough to pull 60 pounds worth of children but it is so smooth that i take it out almost everyday around the block. It has seat belts, cup holders, an extra long handle that folds under for storage, it has a great storage area when the backs of the seats are folded down. Its good for ages 2-8, but like i said i have my 1 year old in it as long as they are buckled in, i have even taken my neighbor who is 12mnths in it. Agian, I love this wagon, it is made so well, that it will last forever!


There is also another one i was considering, Step 2 wagon for 2 plus. I liked this one because you could buy a little hauler type thing to go with it. But what stopped me was the age limit of it, it held only ages 2-5. I wanted my wagon to last awhile longer than that. Here is link for this one just in case.


and this is for the hauling thing:


Hope all this helps in your decision! C.



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I also have the radio flyer pathfinder wagon. We love it. The wheels are NOT those little plastic ones that won't go over different terrains. It's pretty easy to haul around and turns pretty good. We picked this one because it has the option to fold the seats flat. If our son got tired and wanted to sleep, we could convert it into a comfy spot to lie down. (And you can use that flat surface as a make-shift diaper changing area in a pinch)
Some friends have the step 2 wagon that's green with the door on the side. And although my son loved the fact that it has a door, it was too much for him to try and do if we were pulling him along. And their door doesn't even latch anymore after a while. I've heard that from a lot of people about the doors.



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We have the red Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon for our 20-month-old twin boys. I like it, but wish it had some sort of storage thing for when we go to the beach, park, whatever to where I didn't have to carry everything. It says it has storage, but that is only if you leave the seats folded down and the kids sit on the flat surface. I saw that they do now sell a foldable storage thing that you can attach and pull behind the wagon, so that is an option.



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i wouls sugest a wagon by little tykes it is pretty big and the kids can face eachother inside it and it has little seat belts to hold the smaller ones in.its cute and is very handy and is light weight.



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I bgought the radio flyer wagon for my son three years ago. It's the on with the seats that fold down. He is now five and we have put MANY miles on this wagon. The first one I got did not pull right so I took it back and I have never had a problem {just save your recipt untill you go for your first ride} I have used this at the mall, the zoo, everywhere. The foot space is limited when you use it with the two seats, you have to over come "he's touching my foot" but all in all its a great wagon!! The cup holders are a super ++++



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Hello A.,

We have the Radio Flyer All Terrain metal and wood wagon and we love it! Although, our 27 month old son cannot climb into himself but our neighbor's 30 month old daughter, who is more agile, can climb into it. No storage but the wagon is very sturdy and can handle the beach sand with the the thick tires. Hope this helps! Happy Holidays.

E. W.

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