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Updated on November 17, 2009
N.V. asks from Medford, MA
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I'm looking for an OB in the northern mass, southern NH areas that is sensitive to patient's requests and willing to work through a natural labor and also limited procedures during pre-natal visits.

Home birthing is not an option at this time but I'm interested in birth centers as well.

Any referrals is great appreciated!

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I think the North Shore Birth Center at Beverly Hospital is one of the few places left in the area...to check it out




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Hi, check out www.alternativebirthcare.com. Her name is Kim and she is in that area. I used her for a v-bac because i wanted to do Hypno birthing and aviod any drugs and avoid another c-section. she was so great and we already had a little one at home so she came to our house to do classes with us. i refered her to a friend also, and she had a great experience with her. Kim is very kind and will give you a TON of great info. good luck!!



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I had my daughter at St Joseph's http://stjosephhospital.com/ in Nashua and the experience was wonderful. They have an extremely low c-section rate. You can get a free tour of the facility and it is very informative. They have a great facility and I used the midwife group they have at the hospital Full circle Midwifery and you can call them at ###-###-#### http://www.fullcirclemidwiferynh.com/

Good luck!



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Hi N.,
It may be a little farther than you were hoping but the Cambridge Birthing Center offered me the absolute best birthing experience I could have hoped for. The midwives and nurses were all wonderful, and they indulged all my ohone calls the day I went into labor with patience and knowledge. Good luck and congratulations on the newest family adition!!!! S.
Cambridge Birth Center
1493 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139



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I highly highly reccomend The Birth Cottage of Milford in Milford NH. The midwives are amazing! My son didn't end up being born there -- a lightning-fast labor meant he was born in my car on the way -- but they are wonderful, and knowledgeable, andcaring and helped me navigate through a couple of minor complications along the way. Here's there url.


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