LOOKING For Nursery Furniture - Naples,FL

Updated on December 13, 2010
M.A. asks from Naples, FL
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Surprise! I am pregnant again after 17 years lol, and obviously, since this will be the last, I am looking for a second hand, but only GENTLY used nursery set, which includes a crib, changing table&dresser, and optionally, a matching rocker/glider. I am in the southwest florida area, so preferably in that vicinity. Looking for a cherry or espresso, but not too picky, however, I do NOT want white! Thank you so much!!

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thank you for your helpful answers!

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answers from Los Angeles on

:D Congrats! I just had a baby after 16 years :) its awesome to have a wee one again after so long. Ive seen sets in zellers that include crib, change table and dresser, for 200 (canadian) they were quite nice.

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answers from Wichita on

try your local freecycle, or craigs list. I got a nice changing table through free cycle, and have gotten nice baby clothes that way.



answers from Miami on

Check out Do-Overz.com. They are an upscale consignment shop in Davie, FL owned by a personal friend. I have sold and purchased lots of items there and they have a great selection.

Good luck!!



answers from St. Cloud on

Try craigslist!~ I see a ton of gently used baby equipment on there.


answers from Kansas City on

I'm not sure if they have Once Upon A Child out there, but I would check it out, they have a website.

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