Looking for Not Good, but Great Dance Lessons

Updated on July 15, 2011
C.H. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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I am familiar with a well liked dance studio in Lewisville with the initials THD. Some things were good. Nothing was great. And they like to plan annual full day dance recitals on Father's Day each year. We endured several of the older girls in several (4-5) different dance groups. But my main concern is this: We have a long family line of talent of musicians, singers, and dancers. I watched the practices and the rehearsals. It was okay but I have nothing to compare it to other than my dance instruction at that age. THD was missing a decent amount of emphasison all the kids practicing enough to do things together at the same time. This lack of precision was noted through all ages and number of years in the recital. I saw/heard no emphasis on a bit of home practice or makeup lessons.

So, I ask if any of you know of dance lessons in the area that have great teachers, great management, and you are very proud of the real finished product with precision movements so they look good to the audience in general, not just the proud parents of children in cute costumes who get the applause when they shake their hips and wiggle their fingers while looking off stage to see what to do.

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Please check out The Ballet Conservatory. My daughter has been dancing there for 10 years. The staff is great! They take the art of dance very seriously. Dancers are encouraged to practice at home and take make-up classes when they miss. The recitals are polished and you will never see girls in inappropriate costumes or dancing in ways little girls shouldn't dance.

The studio is going through a major remodel right now and today is the last day they are open until the fall semester begins. Mrs. Lannin has been the director for 21 years. If you know anyone who has ever seen The Nutcracker at The Lewisville High School each November you will know the quality she presents. You can schedule a placement class to check things out. Tell the ladies at the desk Marissa's mom sent you!


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I don't have a studio for you but laughed to myself becasue I too have attended dance recitals and gymnastic recitals and thought to myself "are my standards too high? Is no one telling them they need to have sharper motions or be together, or actually SMILE!"

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I would also recommend Ballet Conservatory. Our daughter has been there for 4 years, and we have been very impressed.



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You might want to try The Ballet Conservatory. I don't have any personal experience there, but I've heard good things.



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You may want to try Dianne Cole Johnson School of Dance. They are at Hebron and Old Denton and she has a FANTASTIC program. Many of the girls compete and win at national competitions. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.
A. Blakeney



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WOW! Really shocked! My daughter has been at Top Hat for years now. And, they set great emphasis on the dancers practicing their routines at home. This is why they have a taping day for the parents. This is not for us to have a memory of our cute little girl/boy dancing. Rather, it is for us parents to record the instructors dancing. This way the dancers can watch the video at home and practice for the recital. The directors and owners love dance and they LOVE to teach. I honestly think you should give it another shot. You will find that many other studios focus on cute jazz routines and hip hop. The dancers at Top Hat cannot take Jazz without first being introduced to ballet and tap. They are not into she's cute, lets put her in the company. You have to be invited in the company. No auditions, which in most studios, are a joke. Why?? Everyone makes it. I suggest maybe you do a little research and perhaps you will feel more comfortable. They don't move students to higher levels of classed unless they are ready. The recitals are wonderful. I also suggest that you attend one of their competitions. You will notice the quality of the dancers. Top Hat is a well oiled machine! I'm not speaking ill of other studios. But, I can assure you that I do believe you are mistaken. The dancers learn all about their muscles, bones, etc.. They really take their time teaching them how to stretch, AND, stress that they stretch at home for at least 20 minutes a day. They also do a great job educating the parents so that we can help the kids. They also take the art of dance very seriously. Many of their dancers have been on SYTYCD and some are well established entertainers. Hope you will give it a shot!

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