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Updated on November 08, 2008
B.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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I am getting ready to start "investigating" new video cameras. I am hoping to hear some reviews from other people before I buy. I'm looking for one with a long lasting battery, plenty of video storage,a pretty good zoom, and is not too bulky. My price range is around $500-600, but that could change depending on the quality of the camera. This will be used to capture my kids' sporting events and such - no in depth nature viewing or anything! Thanks in advance for the info!!

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answers from Huntington on

No direct knowledge but...
Consumer Report just came out with their electronic's issue. I got mine in the mail last week. You need a memembership to use their website, but it might be worth it if you buy alot of electronics.



answers from Raleigh on

I would suggest getting a good digital camera with video capability and a large memory card. You're never really going to sit down and watch the whole 2 hour t-ball game over again. Instead capture the important moments and create a video montage using www.onetruemedia.com



answers from Nashville on

We just bought one of the JVC HDD video cameras. We paid 450 for ours, there is one that has more memory for a bit more. But within your price range I think. We really like ours, its small and compact, but it has awesome quality. I like the hard drive cameras, theres nothing else to deal with. Just plug it into your computer and burn to dvd!



answers from Greensboro on

If you have a Costco membership, go there and talk to the guy who works in that department.He knows A LOT ( I just got a new digital camera the other day) They give you an AMAZING return policy..you can play with the camera you buy for three months and if it is not what you want you can bring it back for a full return! Plus you get free tech. support w/ Costco and the techs are actually AMERICAN !!! It may be worth it to buy a $50 memebership for a big investment like a video camera.
Good luck..have fun filming.



answers from Nashville on

I have the Sony DCR-SR42 and LOVE it!!! It is super small has an incredible zoom, records up to 20 hours of video, I haven't had any problems with the battery, and you can burn a DVD right from the recorder. When reviewing the viedo you can choose the clip to watch. There are so many more features on this camera that I haven't even explored them all. I paid about $450 after a lot of shopping around. You will see a big difference in price when looking online. Just make sure that when you see a really cheap price that it includes a rechargable battery and the docking station. Many of the sites were only offering a one time use battery with it and that made it seem like a good deal. I still think buying online is the way to go. Almost everyone offers free shipping and you usually won't pay any sales tax=) Hope this helps!



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I've listed a newsletter article we sent out from our video business about choosing a video camera. I hope you find the information helpful in narrowing down your choices. (not really a solicitation-just info. )

Which One To Choose?
In the mid-1980s, when video camcorders became available to consumers, they were considered luxury items. Today, they are more like common household appliances. But like any household appliance, camcorders can break down or need to be upgraded.

What is your best buy, since video technology is constantly changing? One fact you can count on is that digital video is the current wave. But should you stick with standard definition or go high def in picking a new camcorder? (Standard definition roughly matches the maximum resolution of a standard television. High-definition captures more image detail.)

Still confused? Here are some more tips to help you make your next camcorder choice easier.

Digital Camcorder Pros and Cons

MiniDV Camcorders

Least expensive camera and use MiniDV tapes
Can record to memory cards too
MiniDV tapes hold about an hour of footage
MiniDV tapes are readily available for purchase at many retailers
DVD Camcorders

Records directly onto a DVD
Can record to memory cards too
Record length depends on length of DVD disc
Play back video instantly in DVD players or on a computer
DVD recordings can't be edited
Discs are relatively expensive
Hard Disk Camcorders

Records video directly on hard disk or memory card - no need to switch out tapes or DVDs
Recording length can be about 7 hours depending on the size of the disc
Need to delete footage or transfer it when disc is full before you can continue recording
High Definition (HD) Camcorders

Most expensive but price is dropping
Superior quality video images
Need to purchase HD editing software, HD-DVD or Blu-ray burner and HD-DVD or Blu-ray player.
Home Video Studio can work with any types of video media. We can transfer and edit your footage, and preserve all of your video to DVD. Call us today!

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