Looking for New Dog Groomer in the Superstition Springs Area.

Updated on November 07, 2008
C.W. asks from Broomfield, CO
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I am looking for a new groomer for my ShiTzu. My last groomer kept loosing her card so she never got the same cut and the last cut was absolutely horrible. I do not like the chain store groomers because you never get the same groomer twice and they too keep losing your card. I would prefer a smaller professional groomer or even someone who does this on the side. I would love the one's who come to your house but I have had trouble getting someone to come "way" out here. I live right off the 202 between Guatalupe and Elliot. Wouls love to here your recommondations! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank You to everyone who responded. I ended up taking my dog to the Pudgy Pup because of it's convenient location and two out of the five of you recommended it. They did a great job and Kaycee loved the fact that she didn't have to be put in a cage for hours and hours. Thanks for the coupon hint as well.

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I have 3 Lhasa Apso's with long hair too and I take them to Chazlin's Puppy Cuts on Greenfield and Broadway! Talk to Jennifer, they are awesome!

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I know you said you didn't want a chain store, but I also have a Shih Tzu and she's had a very sweet groomer her whole life. She was the grooming manager of the Petsmart on Power and Ray, but she has recently transferred to the Val Vista and Guadelupe location. Her name is Danielle and whenever I've made an appt for Lucy, I just say that I'm calling to make an appt with Danielle......and it's never been a problem. Plus, they keep all of her info in the computer so it can't get lost.
I think that she is really partial to Shih Tzu's, too because she has kept a picture of mine by her station......and she always makes me feel like Lucy is the most important dog in the world so that makes me feel happy.
OH, and she seriously makes her own ponytail holders with sequins and toule and such to put on them. Mine wore them for the first little while, but she (my dog) never liked them so I told Danielle to stop making the extra effort and to just save them for another dog.
Anyway, I hope that helps! If you do go see her, tell her Lucy's mom says HI! :-)



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I take my Golden Retriever to the Pudgy Pup on Southern in between Clearview and Power Rds. I have found they do the best job through all of the groomers I have gone to. They offer a 10% coupon on their website. www.thepudgypup.com/



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I have a ShiTzu as well and I travel from Queen Creek clear to Country Club and Main to get my dog groomed. I love this place. It is called "A day in Paradise" ###-###-####. She charges me $25 to groom my dog, it can be more depending on what extras you want. My dogs come home with bows in the hair and smelling really good. Good luck. :)



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My Dogs Love Pudgy Pup On Southern & Power.
They even offer doggy day care so you can leave em there while you get things done or not.
Tell them Destiny & Bingo refered you.

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