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Updated on July 13, 2006
A.P. asks from Huntertown, IN
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I was wondering in any of you have had success in finding a Nanny in the Ft. Wayne/Huntertown area? I am looking to switch from day care to having a Nanny in my home and was wondering if anyone had an idea on salary range for this area, referrals, pittfalls to avoid or any other advice that might help me.

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So What Happened?

I did end up finding a Nanny for my boys online www.gonannies.com The membership rate was reasonable ($60 for 45 days)and you could search candidates before deciding to pay. Once there were enough nanny candidates I was interested in, I paid the fee and got their contact information. They also had resources on payroll taxes, background checks as well as forms for phone and in-person interviews, reference checks, nanny logs and emergency contact forms. There are several online sites you can use in your search. They vary in price, but most will let you search for free first. Here are the sites I found easy to use and most helpful (although some did not have candidates in my area):


The nanny I hired was a college student and ended up deciding to go back to school full-time this Fall, so I just spent the last couple weeks searching again and found a new Nanny this time from an ad in the Sunday paper. She is going to train with my existing nanny next week and start the week after.

I had considered an Au Pair but did not like the idea of a 'live-in' arrangement and really don't have the space either. Plus, the restriction on hours would have been a problem. When I travel for work, I generally need someone 50+ hours a week.

I really like having my kids at home together. They receive more personal attention and are much happier. My Nanny helps out with keeping the house in order, cooking meals, kids laundry and even grocery shopping. She does activities with the kids and takes them to the Library and on outings. It's much less stressful than day care and a lot more flexible! I find I am really only paying a little more than I would have for 2 children in a day care/academy arrangement. Well worth the extra money in my opinion!

Thanks to Nikki for the encouragement and information! Without your response I might have given up the search.

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I currently have a nanny. I did the out of home day care and I did not like it either. I went in together with another person and we split the cost of the nanny. A few questions....
1. Are you looking for a live-in or live-out Nanny?

2. We currently pay about $325-375 a week for our nanny. Nicole live out and goes to college.

3. Our nanny has a base salary of $275 a week and then I have a part-time friend that brings her 5-year old over to 2-3 days a week to help add to the nanny's income. What are you willing to pay for your 2 kids.

4. I have to tell you have you checked out the tax breaks for a household employee? They are great!!!!!

I would like to stay in touch because I have went through 2 nanny's in a year and a half. But that does not matter to me, I love the fact that they are at home. I also have a premade cleaning schedule that I could share with you. It is about a 1/2 hour to 1 hour project while the children are napping and still gives the nanny an hour for "Just Her Time". There is great menu's that I can share with you schedules that I can share with you. I just have the nanny start the prep work on the meal and then I cook it when I arrive home. I can also share with you interview questions, nanny logs. Just let me know if I can help. I think more mothers should look at either having a nanny or sharing the cost of a nanny.




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Hi, A.,

Have you ever thought about hosting an au pair? An au pair is person, male or female, who is from another country who comes to America to live with your family on an exchange program. Their primary job while they are here is to care for your children while they learn about our culture. The average cost is about $280/week for 45 hours of child care per week.

I'm a local coordinator for a company called Cultural Care Au Pair, and we just recently started servicing Fort Wayne. You can get more information about our program on www.culturalcare.com or you can contact me on this website.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I did find what I was looking for, but I just needed someone PT to
come to my house for my two kids. I found a gentleman from Northside
HS that is a Guidance Counsel there and he is doing a class on Life
skills or something like that and is having the girls that are
interested make me a resume and than I am going to interview about 5
of them and pick from that. If you would want something like that for
the summer to save money you can give me a call and maybe we could do
the interviews together. I am paying $4-$4.50 an hour for two kids
depending on if they have transportation or not. If you are
interested, give me a call. I am thinking about doing the interviews
this Saturday or Sunday if possible. My # is ###-###-####.
I used to babysit and if the hours would work I would be willing to
watch them if you want to try that. I work at FedEx from 7PM to 11PM
but somedays I have to be there at 5PM and that is why I need a
babysitter for my kids. My husband is a Landscaping Foreman and gets
home as late as 7PM some days. I would charge $4.50 per hour for both
and that would include meals and such. I am located between
St.Francis College and St. Joe Hospital. Thanks S. B.



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Did you ever end up finding a nanny?

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