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Updated on December 28, 2009
M.H. asks from Coppell, TX
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My DH and I are needing some help with baby names- we are currently 17wks. preg and are having a hard time deciding on names...for a girl we have decided on Kendall but are looking for middle name suggestions- preferably something that starts with an "M". (anything except Marie, as that is our first daughter's middle name). And for a boy we are still trying to come up with a first name- we have decided on John as the middle name. Again, we would prefer the first name to start with an "M" for the boy- but we are not set in stone about this as we are with the girl. :)
Thanks for any help/suggestions you can give us!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the suggestions! We found out that we are having a boy and have decided on Mason John for his name!

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I would suggest for you to go online and search for baby names. That is how I came up with my daughters name. I didn't want a common name that you hear all the time. There are plenty of websites that different baby names.

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Kendall May

Michael, Maddox, or Mason

Good Luck and Congratulations!



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I like M. for obvious reasons! hahahaha
But other nice M names for girls are: Miranda Megan Marisa Morgan Mikayla Mackenzie Madison Meredith Mia. Miles could be a boy or a girl name.
You could still do Marie. We use Rae/Ray as family middle name. M. Rae, Miranda Rae & Isabel Rae.
My husband is Arthur Ray & our little boy is Nicholas Ray. I inherited my middle name from my grandfather, Cecil Ray.
You could use Morgan as a boy name as well. I like Michael too. Mason is nice. Marcus is cute. Mark. You could use Marley for a boy or a girl. Matthew John sounds good together. I like Marshall too. Merrill is a good name. Mickey is super cute! Good luck & Congrats on your new baby to be!



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Makayla Michelle Makinzi



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Kendall Madelyn is beautiful.

For a boy... Mason, Merek, or Micah.

Good Luck!


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How about Michelle for a girl? Kendall Michelle. I think it's cute.



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For girl I like Morgan, Mackenzie, Madison, Marliegh, Marrissa, Mia, there are so many

boy names could be Morgan, Mackenzie, Maverick, Mitchell, Major, Marcus

I like to see the meaning too.

Congrads on your special event.



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A friend of mine recently named her daughter "Maren"-I love it!



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Morgan is my daugters middle name. If you do decided not to use M for a boy, Jackson and Christian are two of my favorits! Good luck and Congrates!!


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My son's name is Milo.

I've always been partial to Macy or Maribel for a girl...

Congrats on your wee one.



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Girl: Morgan, Maricela, Marlow, Marina, Meagan, Milan, McKenna

Boy: Michael, Matthew, Micah, Murray

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