Looking for Mobile or Inexpensive Vaccinations for Dog

Updated on January 15, 2010
H.B. asks from Richardson, TX
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I used to see these guys everywhere but, now that I am looking I don't know where they are. Does anyone know where they'll be this weekend? I need to get our family dog vaccinated asap. I have checked SPCA, they are a little cheaper than our family vet but, not by much.

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So What Happened?

Thank you, ladies! Special thanks to Caroline. There will be a mobile servie within walking distance of my house this weekend. Best of all, for $35 I can get all my dog's vaccines taken care of.

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You could do it yourself. At many farm stores you can pick up your basic shot to include most things, except rabies.

If the dogs are reasonably well behaved, you can give the shot yourself. It really is not very difficult and saves having to take the dog anywhere.


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I'm not sure what area you are in but you can check out line up from this Garland location and see where clinics are going to be set up in the future: http://www.petmobile.com/locations.html
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A company called Luv My Pet or something to that effect is at Petco one Sunday a month. Call your local Petco to see when they will be around.

I've seen them on numerous occasions when we've been pet food/treat shopping. The line is sometimes out the door so I'm assuming something must be cheap for people to wait an hour or more to get it.

Well's Brothers feed store in Plano also has someone come in once a month. We see them there when we are getting our lawn chemicals.

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I used to see coupons in the Allen paper and Clipper Magazine for the Animal Hospital on McDermott in Allen that they would do the vaccinations for $35 for all.

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Doing the shots yourself is really very easy. And you can do it on your own schedule. Just keep the label from the vial or write down all the info from the vial on your shot records so you have it recorded.

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