Looking for Local Home-based Day Care for Our Twins

Updated on May 25, 2009
M.M. asks from Plano, TX
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Hello Everyone: We have had to let our in-home caretaker go this week unfortunately. We are looking for a home-based day care in Plano for our 9-month-old twins ASAP. We would prefer something in the $150/week/child range. A personal referral would be great since we really need someone mature, responsible, and recommended!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi M.,

I think Laura Stone in Plano is wonderful! My daughter went to her when I was working and we were thrilled with the quality of care she received. I believe Laura has 2 openings right now, but she usually fills up quickly. Her number is: ###-###-####.

Best of luck!



answers from Dallas on

Good afternoon! Would you or anyone you know might be interested in hiring an Au Pair?

Au pairs are foreign exchange students, young women (and men), ages 18-26
primarily from Europe & Latin America, that want to spend a year or more
with an American family. They are fluent in English as well as their native

In exchange for a private room, board, a weekly stipend and an annual
educational allowance of $500 they'll provide up to 45 hours of childcare
(and related childcare duties) as a live-in nanny. They are in the USA on legal
visas and can also travel domestically or abroad with minimal paperwork. They
are required to attend monthly au pair meetings, and obtain 6 hours of credit
from an accredited school/college annually. They are screened, medically insured
and experienced.

Here is just a short list of what our Au Pairs can do.
* Quality Coverage for up to 45 hours per week (you set the schedule!)
* Weekends/Nights are Possible
* Au Pairs handle Children's meals, laundry and clean up
* Children are exposed to new language and culture
* Most Au Pairs drive (so children's activities, school, etc. are easier to
* They live-in -- so snow days / sick days are not a problem!
* Continuous local support for your local counselor
* Our Agency handles visas, flights, etc.
* Au Pairs usually stay one year -- but new rules allow them to choose an extra
* Our Au Pair Program is regulated by the U.S. Dept. of State

All Au Pairs:
*Participate in a careful screening process
*Are qualified 18 to 26 years old
*Are proficient in English
*Participate in an orientation and training program
*Enjoy children and have previous experience
*Express a sincere interest in living with an American family for a year
*Have successfully completed their country's secondary education
*The entire program is overseen by the U.S. Dept. of State!!

We offer both a full year program and a summer Au Pair program. Host Families
on the full year program have the option to extend their au pair's stay
longer if needed.

Can they drive? Do we need to provide a car?
Drivers are a frequent request and they're certainly available. However,
there is no need to provide a dedicated vehicle. Having access to a car for
their duties is convenient for many households that don't have mass transit
options nearby. If you're located in an urban area with public transport
then a non-driving au pair could work as well.

Are you interested? Do you know anyone who might be interested in this
wonderful program? If the answer is yes, feel free to contact me, via email. Please see bellow the 12 year program fees:

1) A $177 weekly stipend

2) Annual educational allowance of $500

3) $300 application fee

4) $2500 deposit

5) $4550 program fee balance.

Right now, we are offering a $1000 off regular program fees so it comes out
roughly at $334 a week and $47 a day!


T. Lederman



answers from Dallas on

I dont know if you are willing to go to Carrollton at Marsh and Keller Springs or if that is to far but I use an In-Home daycare in the area I highly recomend. My son has been going there since he was 8 weeks old and he just loves it. She charges $165 a week which includes parents choice brand diapers and formula(trust me so worth it). Send me a message if you want her number or more information and I will be happy to give it to you.


answers from Dallas on

I belong to a number of associations of daycare providers and I can give you some names of registered providers.
M. Kleinfall ###-###-####
Elena Uyen Sik ###-###-####
Manju Arora ###-###-####
Deborah Fricke ###-###-####
Maria Whittingon ###-###-####
Please tell them Lonie I. sent you.




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C.'s Affordable Childcare

Phone number is ###-###-####

Registered in-home daycare provider with a live-in aid to keep the ratios low.

Focus on education, social and physical development.

Quality care at affordable rates.

Rate for both children would be $180.00 per week.

Address so you can mapquest is 3211 Clinton Street Sachse 75048

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