Looking for Local Group for Moms!! Moms Around Late 20'S - Mid 30'S?

Updated on September 23, 2009
G.H. asks from Kirkland, WA
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currently live in Kirkland and am a SAHM and would love to share some conversation and have play dates with my 14 month year old daughter! We just moved to the area from Seattle and would just love to have a friend to go to the park with or do some things with my little one!! If you are interested please let me know or if you know any groups!! I am 30 years old and currently preggo with my second!! Would love to meet some fun and cool moms out there!!!
Any surrounding area would be great too...bellevue, redmond, etc....would love to hear back from people!

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So What Happened?

Everyone was so helpful!! Thank you so much!! I have found a couple groups on Meetup.com and a few gyms in the area!!! Already have met a couple great moms.

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My daughter and I attended Lake Washington toddler group or two years. It was wonderful there. We met new moms and the kids get to play together and do art and all kinds of great activities. It's located in the totem lake area of Kirkland and I miss it so much!


Take care,


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Hi, G.!

I own two online mother/baby groups on Yahoo Groups: Seattle Area Moms and Proud-Bothell-Moms. You can also find many good groups on there for your area and interests, I'm sure. If you sign up for a group, you join a listserv where you can email others, find out about fun activities, and more. http://groups.yahoo.com/

www.meetup.com is also a great way to meet mothers in the area. There is even a group for older moms, but I think it is for 35 and up. If you can't find a group you want, you can start a new one, too.

There are some good cooperative Preschools around, too, where you can go with kids as young as a few months old. We went to the Northshore Community Coop (www.northshorecoop.org) when my older son was 2 and 3 and the Edmonds Community College Baby/Toddler Group (http://www.edcc.edu/pared/Infant-Toddler%20Program/defaul...) when my older son was only a few months old. Good luck to you!


S. Gardner
Bothell Mom to Christoph, age 4, and Andreas, age 1.5



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Hi G.,

You have many options at your fingertips. As mentioned in previous posts, www.meetup.com is a great site to go to, to find all kinds of different moms groups and playgroups. There are many in this area.

Another moms group based out of Kirkland is called Eastside Mothers Club (http://www.eastsidemothersclub.com/).

This link can also help you find some others in this area: http://www.red-tricycle.com/connect/seattlemoms.php

Good luck! :o)



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You could join Redmond MOMS Club or check out www.meetup.com and there are some groups on that website BEAM and Eastside Cool Mommies. I'm involved with Redmond MOMS Club and BEAM.

Also, a great way to meet other mom's with kids your child's age is through the BCC Coop Preschool / Parent Ed class. I am currently doing a program with my 1 year old through BCC at St. Peters location. You can see more about it at: http://bellevuecollege.edu/parented/toddlers_year1.asp


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Hi G.,
Hope you're loving the Kirkland area. If you are interested in consignment, you might want to come in to see and/or Volunteer at our semi-annual event. Its a great way to meet other Moms from all over the area and you might pickup some stuff for the baby on the way! Congrats!
Hope to see you at the Sale!

K. Koitzsch
Owner and Chief Operating Officer
Just Between Friends of Seattle
JBF Consignment Sales, LLC

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Address: JBF Consignment Sales, LLC, PO Box 68041, Seattle, WA 98168
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Hey G.,
I am a SAHM in Redmond to a 20 month boy. He's a pretty good kid (read gentle at the moment but I am holding my breath for the "change" that I expect to occur.) While I tend to be able to fill my days O.K I am always up for meeting people and letting my child run around and intercat with other kids.
We also have a really nice group of moms that we get together with usually once a week at various places.

Feel free to contact me. I think you can do a private email from this site?? Or otherwise it's efaramus and it's a yahoo.com



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there's lots of groups in the area!



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I moved here 4 years ago and I've met lots of wonderful people here in Kirkland. The parks are a great place to meet new friends--North Kirkland Comm. Ctr has a wonderful toddler park.

Someone mentioned MOPS. I really enjoyed attending MOPS and you will definitely find new friends there. Very close group. They meet every other week and provide free childcare. I attended the group at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond (10 min from downtown Kirkland). If you are interested, I can provide you with an email address of someone to contact. The facility is nice and they use the church's childcare area which is very nice and separated by age.

I also enjoyed Lake Washington Toddler Group. They have a location in Totem Lake and a newer location in Redmond (near Whole Foods). I am currently attending Bellevue College Toddler Group with my 2 year old. I was very impressed with the activities available to them. I highly recommend them too. Since you attend weekly for the school year, you will get to know the Moms very well.

I have also been a big fan of Little Gym in Bellevue and Kindermusik in Redmond Town Center.

Good luck, have lots of fun and get yourself out there--what do you have to lose!




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<grinning> This city (my hometown) IS a lot harder on younger moms than any I've lived in. Fortunately for you, by the time your wee one is in school you won't be ostracized because of your age the way most young moms are (I was 24 when my son started preschool, and 27 and still in college @ kindergarten...the next youngest mom was mid 30's, but most were in their 40's/50's). I REALLY feel sorry for the very very young mums out there in this city (teens and early 20's).

I didn't think it would be a problem (the age thing) because my 2 best friends if you don't include MY mum were 40 & 51 when my son entered preschool...but it's a very Seattle trend to snub the younger set. <laughing> as if we weren't ALL just flying by the seat of our pants trying to do the best we can. A new mum is a new mum, regardless of age. I've actually learned to sidestep the whole question.

I'm across the lake, and with a 2nd grader, so I don't have any groups for you...just wanted to say; keep your chin up!




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I live in Kirkland and am a member of a few local groups on meetup.com. I've been active with these groups since my son was 3 weeks - he's almost 4 now. They are a lot of fun and I've made some of my very best friends through the group. Good luck!



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Hi G.,
Have You heard of MOPS - Mother's of Preschooler's.

The group I go to is in Woodinville,. but there are several in the area.

They have a widespread age group of moms. The common bond of course is everyone has children 0-5 yrs old.

The groups get together twice a month and many individual groups out of the larger group meet on their own for playdates and other things.

www.mops.org -- I tried to link it but it didn't work for me today. btw.. although these are hosted by churches you don't have to be a member to go. I'm not and enjoy it all the same.

also,. to note,. I am an 'older' new mom. I really think that just being a new mom has so many new challanges it's nice to be around other moms who are newer to the challanges too,. regardless of whether they are younger or older. I usually find myself the odd one out,... as most other moms my age have older kids already even if they have young ones.. 'have been there done that.'

all the best..
mom to two boys 5 and 3.

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