Looking for Legit"working from Home" Opportunities Online

Updated on September 26, 2013
Z.N. asks from Jersey City, NJ
11 answers

would really appreciate some inputs on some "tried and tested' legit"working from home" opportunities online..am a software engineer with 10 years work experience...been a FTMom since 4 years....

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answers from Washington DC on

wouldn't we all.

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answers from Dallas on

Do a search on this site and see how many times this question is answered. There are very few "legit" work at home jobs.

NO one will pay you to stay home and watch your children... if that were the case, NO one would be in a corporate office working!!!

Most work at home jobs are jobs where someone has earned the privilege because working at home takes a lot of self discipline and self motivation. NO company wants an employee on the phone with clients and have clients hearing children and pets in the background, SO.... MOST work at home jobs will require you to have some type of childcare.

I work from home and there is no way I could do my job with children around. One mistake could cost us thousands of dollars... it is very crucial that I am spot on and 100% focused when I am working at home.

You say you are an engineer... SO, get on linkedin.com. I get resumes from people very often looking for work as well as recruiters trying to place me in a job. You never know but with your experience, it is possible you might be able to do some sort of consulting work (WHEN CHILDREN ARE IN CARE OF SOMEONE ELSE)

Never forget that working from home is work.... it is not a paid vacation to spend with children. That idea exists in the dream world.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Don't go to any of the silly work from home websites. They're all scams. (seriously - waste of your time) You have a marketable skill and a legitimate business history that would lend itself to working from home.

I would reach out to companies you've worked with before and business associates you still keep in touch with. Then I'd go to my Linked In profile and email everyone on there letting them know you're looking for a work from home position. And finally, I'd go to the websites of the top 20 software design firms and look through their employment sections.

I've been working from home for 10+ years and know quite a few companies that hire work from home professionals (people with business and IT degrees). But there aren't any aggregator sites that pull those types of jobs. You have to dig them out individually.

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answers from Minneapolis on

As others have said, contact former employers and contacts you have in business. And unless your kids are in school you will need childcare. I am an attorney doing part time contract work from home for my former full time employer. I work when the kids are in school and even take the summers off although my kids are older. It's hard to work with kids around, even older ones, and there are demands on our family computer.

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answers from Dallas on

Most of the "how do I work from home" posts are silly - please pay me to stay home with my kid!! Working from home is a job, typically one that requires experience in the industry. However you are different - you have a marketable skill that can easily be transitioned to work at home (my husband and I both work in the electronics industry and know many engineers who work full or part time from home). You still might have to get childcare, but with the right employer maybe not. Contact all of your prior employers and see if they have any projects you can consult on from home, or any other type of work you can do at home. Next contact your former co-workers to see if they know of anything. You might also want to check into IT helpdesk work (if you have any experience with this) as that is another type of work that can be done from a home computer. B also gave you some great resources, Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

Contact your former employers and see if you could pick up any work there to start. Most people who work from home started in an office/business and transitioned to home.
Beyond that, there are very limited work from home opportunities, unless you have a particular skill, or you love doing sales.
If nothing else you could try child care, just take on one or two kids to start and see how it goes.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I imagine with your work record you might be able to contact some of your old employers or college connections to see if they know of any companies that need contract work done.

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answers from Sacramento on

Skip the websites. You have a marketable skill set and don't need to even bother weeding through all of the scams and low-paying WAH jobs.

Consult. I'm a freelance writer and work primarily for my former employer. Companies that know your qualifications and assets may be quite interested in hiring you to do project work. You can charge a lot more as a consultant than you made before.

As others have noted, you'll need to think now about your childcare plans, unless you plan on working when your child(ren) are in school. Professional positions rarely, if ever, allow you to work with kids at home with you (unless you have a nanny there). I can tell you from having to attempt work with the kids here on school holidays that it just isn't realistic. You're not doing a good job of working or taking care of your kids, so you fail at both.

Best of luck to you! And don't be intimidated by starting your own consulting business. It's not that complicated. If I can do it, anyone can. You'll need a business license from your city or county (varies, depending on where you live) and to meet with a CPA to get set up properly and comply with self-employed tax implications, such as quarterly taxes. You'll also want to think about former employers who could be potential clients as a starting point, and then think about all of the people in your network who may know of opportunities.

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answers from Chicago on

Many computer programming jobs can work from home. Check with a temp agency.

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answers from Boston on

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