Looking for Infant/toddler Swim Classes in Oakton/Reston...

Updated on June 11, 2009
M.T. asks from Oakton, VA
4 answers

I am trying to find swim classes for my 15month old. Are there any that start that young?

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the Y has a great schedule for babies. thanks!

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You can sign up through Reston Association but their swim classes are every day for two weeks, so I personally didn't like that schedule! When my daughter was about 9 months we signed up for swim classes at Herndon Community Center and they were great - I would recommend that.



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fairfax county recreation centers offer classes...there is oakmarr just off jermantown road near 123 in oakton. they begin offering classes starting at 5 months.

check online for schedules

to register you will need to establish a member number.



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Yes, there are classes for kids that age. Try the Reston Community Center or even the YMCA.



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Reston YMCS has classes that start pretty young - 2 if not younger.

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