Looking for Inexpensive Ideas for Upcoming Fall Wedding

Updated on August 02, 2007
J.M. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My fiance' and I are getting married. The place (Zurah Shrine Harrington Mansion over in South Minneapolis) we chose to get married at since it is historical and has lots of natural beauty little decorating is needed. My question is since we are getting married in the mansion right on their beautiful stair case. We need something to put on either side of the stairs. I want something Autumn like but still elegant. Any inexpensive ideas are welcomed. And possibly a place where I could locate these things would be wonderful !!!

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So What Happened?

Well, I decided to go with Elizabeths offer and I went ahead and borrowed some of her vases. With these I am going to make a beautiful fall follige display and place them on either side of the banisters !!

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We were married at the Zurah Oct of 2002. We put flowers on each side and that's it. It's so beautiful in itself you really do not need anything. Just a simple fall bouquet. We used a clear glass vase. We used fresh flowers but you could probably put together something at Michaels.

They were wonderful! You will have a perfect day!

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how about on a small tall table or pillar, a basket of dried autum flowers? You could probably make yourself or get one pre-made or made to order at michaels....even fresh flowers probably woulnt be that expensive, if you bought a nice basket yourself and used mums, daisies, lillies, orange roses some green plants etc....



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Two large vases of copper beech branches with burgandy chrysanthemums would be lovely and inexpensive.



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HI J.! My name is E.....I have some beautiful, tall, slender, glass vases that my husband and I used last August for our wedding that you can use for free! They're just sitting in storage so I would love for someone to use them.

My # is ###-###-#### - If I can not get to the phone, please leave a message....I will back to you ASAP!

Good Luck!

E. Wille

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