Looking for Ideas for Wizard of Oz Party

Updated on December 08, 2009
R.M. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
10 answers

My soon to be 4 y.o. would like a Dorothy party - trying to plan some fun but inexpensive things - any ideas would be appreciated!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Party America had plates and cups ALSO ruby slipper themed goodie bags. I saw them last year. There is a birthday party catalog..BIRTHDAY EXPRESS... they had the same stuff with balloons etc. all themed Wizard of OZ. They are out there! Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Sounds like so much fun! My 2.5 year old is VERY into the Wizard of Oz, too, so I have already been contemplating options for a future party. This is what I came up with so far.

Buying cheap yellow felt, stitching it together in a long piece and using a black permanent marker to make "bricks" and running through the room.

You could do pin the courage medal on the lion (or the heart on the tin man or the diploma on the scarecrow). You can find decent photos online and get them enlarged at Kinkos or Office Max.

If you have anything resembling a witches broom, you could hide it and tell the kids to go get the broom and bring it to you.

I can't wait to hear what other ideas Mamasource members come up with!



You can download the entire soundtrack from iTunes and play the music and let the kids dance.



answers from York on

My sister made an apron for a Halloween costume from blue and white checked fabric she got. She used a really simple pattern if you are into sewing... maybe each girl could get a Dorothy apron and you can braid their hair in pigtails at the party. In the kids section at the dollar store I got my daughter a cooking apron, but it was purple and white checked. You might be able to find something like that, that would work. Also, Easter time type Jelly shoes might work for ruby slippers if you can find them in red or pink. I am not sure where you can find them this time of year though. Even a bunch of red flip flops from Old navy for a dollar something a piece and let them sparkle them up as a craft if you want. The dollar stores definitely have cheap white tennis shoes for sure. They look like little Ked's brand shoes. If you got those, they would have more working space to add red sparkles or red paint and they could wear them over the winter. Target has "Rub Red Slippers" but they would not be cheap. You can get baskets inexpensive at yard sales, Christmas Tree Shoppes, and dollar stores. They do have a lot of stuffed animals at the dollar store right now too for Toto's :o) I loved that idea as well!

i normally try and make a lot of decorations. If you are into that, you could make stuff from construction paper and hang it on the walls. An old house with a swirly tornado taped beside it. Maybe some legs sticking out underneath the house to represent the wicked witch of the east? I saw large posters for cheap recently, I can't remember if it was at Michale's craft store or 5 Below maybe? if not, someone on here already mentioned printing things off the computer! Halloween witch decoration. Fall scarecrow decoration. Make the tin man out of grey paper.

Does your daughter like the good witch? There is a lot of stuff you could do, just princess pink sparkly things to represent her. A magic wand? The girls could make a hat like glenda's out of construction paper as a craft?

I know they have blue and white streamers at the dollar store. I have seen games where they race to make a mummy out of streamer paper, separating into teams and seeing who is done first. Maybe you could do that, but with a Dorothy apron. See who makes the apron best or fastest? i don't know how well it would work, but I bet the girls would think it was fun either way!

I hope you get a lot of ideas. I am going to check back and keep reading!


answers from Philadelphia on

A few things popped into my head, maybe they'll work; maybe not. The yellow construction paper for the yellow brick road is a great idea, but you may get more use out of a roll of white (easy to color or paint) butcher paper. You can find it at Costco pretty cheap. Plus, it can also be used as a cover for a craft table. Would it be crazy to have 4yo's do a craft? If you could find cheap plain slippers (Walmart?)or flipflops, you could have the kids glitterize them to make their own ruby slippers. Then they make their own take home goody. Not sure the butcher paper would work well on carpet, but a dance party (freeze dance is probably a bit over the heads of 4yo's but you could try it) to "Ease on Down the Road" from The Wiz could be fun. Could you do an easy, age-appropriate treasure hunt to find a brain, a heart, some "courage", etc? Hope your little girl has a fun birthday!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My daughter had this theme for her party last year, we had a blast with it. for the food i made tags to put beside each one, for taco salad, i named it tinmans taco salad, cowardly lion cheese tray, witches brew(for the punch), etc. for the table cloths i got blue check fabric and made runners over top of the red tableclothes. for games i did them in stations, they started off at the munchkin land and we played pop the bubbles and then they got a lolipop for their treat bags, throw the bean bags into the scarecrow cutout they got silly straws as their treat, tinman we passed around the apples and everyone got a heart candy, lion we played hide and seek and everyone got a medal, etc. the kids had a blast and my daughter was in love. for the treatbags i made them out of paper lunch bags, cut off the top used the top and made handles and everyone had their own dorthy basket. i made the yellow brick road out of an old yellow sheet and sharpied black lines for bricks, i used this to get to each game station. they loved singing follow the yellow brick road.hope this helps



answers from Pittsburgh on

I LOVE the idea of the basket of stuffed Toto dogs as favors! And I keep picturing a lion cake!



answers from Philadelphia on

I always like to send kids home with a party favor they'll really love, rather than a bag of "stuff" that gets thrown away. That "stuff" adds up anyway and isn't really much cheaper in the end than one nice thing.

When I saw your idea for a Wizard of Oz theme, I immediately pictured a basket by the door (like Dorothy's) with a ribbon, perhaps, made of blue checked material (like her dress) and filled with small black stuffed dogs (Toto) for kids to take home on the way out! I wonder if the dollar store has cheap stuffed animals this time of year. It doesn't have to be the same breed of dog (a Scottie, right?) -- just black -- whatever you find that's cheap! OR you could buy a small basket for each kid and a toto dog -- how cute would that be! :)

As for activities, you and your daughter could make a "yellow brick road" out of yellow construction paper, leading from the front door to the table or wherever the "party room" is! And maybe a sign on the front door that says "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

And how about pin the heart on the tin man?

Have fun! Now I want to have a Wizard party! :)



answers from New York on

I LOVE a party!! That's why I do them for a living ;-). We do spa parties with different themes and have done an Oz party. The yellow brick road is really easy to do with yellow foam sheets - you don't have to cut or paint them - we put them along the walk-way into the house with a tiny dab of hot glue gun so they wouldn't blow away and then they just peel right up when you are done. A cut out of Dorothy and the others can be purchased and placed at the entrance to the party so each child can have thier picture taken with it - we used each childs picture in the thank you notes. We had red chocolate ruby slipper pops stuck in floral foam that was placed inside small ceramic witches hats to decorate the table - also each child had a yellow brick road place mat - foam sheet that they could decorate to take home with Oz stickers and letter stikers to make their names for a place mat - these can be covered with a clear sticky film so they wipe clean. We also had toto's with check ribbon tied on their necks for favors, and since it was a spa party we did apple tree facials and clear nails with ruby red slipper designs. We also had the movie playing. I agree with the others that one nice take home gift is better than a bunch of little things in a goody bag. The shoes are great if you are sure all the G. will fit in them (we had some bigger kids at this party as well as little ones, so the dogs worked best). Ruby slippers would also be great to decorate the table with or fill with candy etc. for a take home. The paper goods are available from Party Express - OH of course your Daughter should have the Dorothy costume to wear at her party ;-). I'm not on here to promote a business so I won't add the website, but if you are interested we did sparkely ruby red slipper soaps for the G. also - worked for the spa party but candy may be better for you - you can email me if you are interested ;-) HAVE FUN with it, it's a great theme!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi Rene'! This is SO funny. My daughter will be 4 February 22nd and she also wants a Dorothy party, that's exactly the way she says it too, not Wizard of Oz. She is especially interested in the Ruby slippers. I was thinking of looking for some red cheap red sparkle shoes for favors-our guests are mostly little girls. I have been trying to think of ideas also. I was thinking of doing a cupcake cake, something with the yellow brick road and I was going to try to find Wizard of Oz figures. I will get back to you if I find anything or think of anything else and I'll be looking for answers to your post. Also, we were just at Barnes and Noble in Cherry Hill and they had a Wizard of Oz book with a ruby slipper necklace for $6. They also had Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz stuffed animals, but they were $15. Very cute though. Good luck!



answers from York on

My daughter and her friends filmed their own version of the Wizard of Oz & my daughter was Dorothy. We had a cast party afterward and I got green paper that's like kraft paper- like 30 inches wide & it comes in rolls. I got it at a school supply store and I can't remember what it was called. I put it up on the walls in big stripes to look like Emerald City. I drew a tin man on some posterboard and we play pin the heart on the tin man. I found some die cut figures at a party store and frig magnets, and of course a green cake.

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