Updated on May 15, 2012
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Skip the black/death related ideas that so often come with 50. Depending upon her personality and the personality of the office consider the following ideas:

Think about using gold, like a 50th anniversary.
You could give her 50 gifts (some will have to be little ones, like 50 pennies or a 50 cent piece, 50 balloons).
You could give her all "golden" gifts: gold coins (those foil covered chocolates); butterscotch candies; a yellow rose, etc.

Or everyone could chip and get her a nicer golden gift (watch, brooch, nice pen, etc)

Or do things from her birth year. 1962 is a very cool year (I should know!). There's a lot out there...play 1962 music in the office all day...Everyone dress like in 1962, decorate the office in little "facts" about the year, etc.

Being remembered in a kind, fun and thoughtful way will feel good to her.

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answers from Chicago on

I turned 50 in March. Didn't think I was having any issues with that until it got closer along. I was having issues and felt stupid that I was having them.

I would suggest you skip the black stuff. I told my husband the only request I had was that he not do the black stuff. The night before the party he went to the party store and came back with black over the hill decorations, plates napkins etc. I was so hurt I cried. He really thought I was kidding. I wasn't. He got mad but did take them back and got some different stuff. They have at the party city store some decorations that have the 50 but are not over the hill stuff. more like 50 and fabulous.

She may really be having issues with turning 50 and it might not go the way you want if you go with the over the hill theme. I think the sucker thing is cute. maybe a box of cookies or donuts with 50 little notes saying 50 things we love about you.... etc.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yeah, no black.

I turned "50 and Fabulous" last year. My two older brothers (1 and 2 years older than me) each had a family/friends party with these types of jokes. I said no parties and I meant it. I took my 9 year-old daughter on our very first vacation to Mexico to celebrate our birthdays (four days apart).

My friends gave me very nice, thoughtful gifts and didn't make a big deal out of the number.

Do something nice for your boss - lunch or in-office party, but cut out the "old" jokes. 50 isn't old. I got my Black Belt in karate last August...at 50.

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answers from San Francisco on


I rest my case

Avoid pranks (especially in the work place) and I suggest other then inviting her out to a nice lunch and a cake, honor your bosses wishes.

I sugges you give her the opportunity to decline an invitation, especially since she's already made herself clear.

I don't understand people who insist thinking they know how to celebrate someone else's special occasion better.

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answers from Dallas on

I just recently had my 50th and I would not find surprises funny. Birthdays have always been another day to me and especially as I have gotten older, I prefer to not think about them or be the center of attention. I prefer to keep them quiet.

If she has said to not do anything, take that into consideration. I meant it when I said it. This is your boss! Call me no fun but it was not fun counting down to the date, I dreaded it, I was depressed about it, I cried.

My family was very respectful of my wishes and I truly appreciate that. I am thankful that I was blessed with good genes and I don't look a day over 35 but I hated turning 50.

Of the ideas you listed, the sucker wreath is the best. Stay away from black.

If you do go with a prank.... keep in mind it is your boss and be ready for any backlash with no complaining.

My husband received dead flowers from a client as a joke. Little did the client know, hubby had been in ICU and not expected to live due to a car accident.

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answers from Dallas on

I just helped a friend blow up a bunch of black baloons and filled her bosses office with them and they also turned her office chair into a "wheelchair", they cut out wheels from silver poster board, it was pretty funny:)

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answers from Nashville on

we "rolled" our bosses office for his birthday... so much fun!! LOL

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answers from Dallas on

In addition to all of us wearing black to work, we filled my boss' office with black balloons and otherwise TP'd his office in black paper. There were hundreds of balloons! They covered the floor entirely and were all over his desk, chairs, bookshelves, etc. It was very funny!

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answers from St. Louis on

I will be 50 later this year. I have adamantly told my family.....flat-out...NO parties, no pranks, no jokes.

I am totally cool about 50. I am also insisting the event be all about ME.

I do not want a party, simply because I want all money spent on me. Since my Mom is turning 70 right after my birthday, we have decided to do a Road Trip. It's our fav thing to do...& we travel well together.

We had planned to do this in the month between our birthdays, but instead are heading Out West this summer. My niece is moving to New Mexico & that will be our homebase. We are all soooo excited about this!

For your boss, please respect her wishes. You may find humor in all of your plans.....but rarely does the recipient. You may feel 50 is the butt of the jokes, but it's not. For me, it's simply an occasion to justify having fun - in my own way.

My best friend dreaded 40...until I gave her a bouquet of 40 balloons. I told her I based my choice on her love of life & her zest. That is what I was celebrating in her honor. :)

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