Looking for Ideas for a Baby Sprinkle

Updated on October 31, 2009
M.W. asks from Waxhaw, NC
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I plan to host a baby sprinkle (instead of a shower) for a friend who already has two kids. She has a lot of what she needs in terms of big items, and I am looking for some fun ideas to make this occasion special for her. Anyone have any cute ideas? Thanks!

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answers from Raleigh on

One of my all time favorites is to get a really pretty keepsake box, then have the guests either:
Each write something they wish for the baby or some message.
Each guest write a letter to the child for a specific year of his or her life, to open and read on the matching birthday.

Have fun!

P. : )

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answers from Knoxville on

Dipes and Wipes --for the mom who has everything else needed. --You can't get too many diapers and wipes--and if she ends up with too many of one size, they can be returned for a larger size, or different brand or whatever. (Since she has been a mom, she probably has a preference--and this could be shared with those who will be buying the gifts.)

Also--for the mom--one of my favorite gifts was a gift certifiate for a massage. About 6 weeks after my first, I was so grateful for the knots to be worked out of my muscles!

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answers from Charlotte on

I agree with pamper the mom! Even a new toy or game for the other children to keep them occupied for when the new baby comes home. Gift cards to restaurants so mom does not have to worry about supper either.

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answers from Charleston on

I did a scavenger hunt for my daughters baby shower. We hid baby items, bib, pacifier, wipes case, etc. Made a list of the items hid, an had the list in the game book we made. Give them a specified amount of time and the one who found all or the most of the listed items wins. The guest loved this game and some have since did their own baby scavenger hunt. Also you could put pieces of unwrapped candy in a jar (m & m's etc.) and have them guess how many pieces is in there. Or make up a few questions about the parents and see how well the guest knows the parents to be. You ask the questions and guest write down their answers.

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answers from Jacksonville on

How about buying things to "pamper" the mother. Bubble bath, make up, a new robe.... items like that. I have a cousin who always buys merle norman make up for the mother when she goes to baby showers. She says that everyone else buys so much for the baby, she wants the mother to get something that makes her feel special.

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answers from Nashville on

Diaper party!!! My friend had one and got enough diapers to last 6 months and was GREATLY appreciated!!

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answers from Hickory on

My friends gave me a shower with my second girl and instead of getting things for the baby, they bought "pampering" gift cards for me to places like Atlalna Bread, Starbucks, giftcard to a local spa for pedicure. They took me to a girly tea room for lunch and had a dozen pink roses on the table. It was perfect and I felt so spoiled!! Good luck....hope these ideas help :)

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answers from Nashville on

What a cute name, never heard of it! For my 2nd we had a Sip-N-See where after the baby is born friends come and meet the baby. It makes them more apt to want to come to a 2nd or 3rd shower when there is a new baby! It was a Champagne Brunch and there was brunch food and mimosas! Very classy, very fun. Decorations were classy but not overdone. Simple baby decor. Cute take home gift is a baby bottle filled w/ either colored jelly beans or colored
m&ms and wrap a gingham ribbon around the top. So cute! Either pink, blue or green. Another cute idea is to take a baby bottle and put a scroll of the invitation inside the bottle and put a mailing label on it and mail it! The PO will mail it, about $.80 or so. Everyone loved that idea!
My invitation for my sip n see was a pic of my new baby on cardstock with a piece of vellum over it that was printed w/ the invite info. You could see the baby pic in the background. It said something about coming to meet the new baby. if she has a lot of what she needs you can add in the invite to bring a necessity item like diapers, wipes, etc and each person who brings something extra will get their name in a drawing for a door prize. I got a huge box of diapers and wipes that lasted 3 months! This way ppl don't think she is in it for getting more gifts, she just wants you to meet her baby and help out the new and growing family. Have fun!



answers from Knoxville on

Hi M.,
Something that the ladies did at my baby shower for my second which I absolutely loved - as an activity at the shower, people "decorated" diapers. They were extremely useful and it was great to read the messages from everyone as I was changing diapers in the middle of the night. ("This thing will hold 5 pounds of pee - go back to bed!")

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