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Updated on January 18, 2013
G.C. asks from McAllen, TX
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Does anyone know of nice and safe areas in Garland or Rowlett to live in that are very close to biking/walking trails. I currenly live near the Duck Creek area but unfortunately my house is in the Mesquite ISD and I would like my child to be in the GISD. I have been looking at some areas such as Dalcastle/Linda Heights, Spring creek Preserve area, Rowlett Creek Preserve (although concerned about smells from nearby water treatment plant), and areas near Indian Trail in Rowlett. I have heard good things about Waterview, but feel it might be out of the way for me to drive to the magnet schools (if my girl is accepted).

What about Shores of Eastern Hills? There are nice houses there, but I am wondering what the crime rate is in that area. Seems like it is surrounded by older parts of Garland.

Any help would be appreciated!

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We live in Garland, near the Spring Creek reserve. I like our neighborhood. Its quiet, safe. Some older folks but enough kids around to have friends. My daughter goes to one of the MST schools and is bussed from her daycare. The school itself is about a 15 minutes drive for us so it isn't bad. We are near Firewheel Town Center so property values have gone up recently. While it isn't within walking distance we are within a 5 minute drive to Breckinridge Park that has a ton of biking and walking trails.



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We live close to the Dalcastle/Linda Heights area and have not had any ongoing crime problems. About 10 years ago, there was a significant hail storm and almost everyone in our neighborhood had their roofs replaced. We had a rash of daytime burglaries (including our home) and the police said it was probably the roofing crews. Have not had any other problems since then. I know people that live in several of the other areas you mentioned and they have never said they were concerned about safety.

I have been concerned about the surrounding areas and especially the retail near our home, but have not really had any issues yet. I personally would like to move to the North Garland area near Firewheel, and had begun looking when the economy went south. You mentioned Waterview, which is very nice and if your daughter is accepted to a magnet school, she would have bus service. Just wanted to let you know that Sachse is also in GISD and there is a community called Woodbridge that is similar to Waterview. You just have to be sure you are in the south part of Woodbridge, because the north part of Woodbridge is Wylie School District.

You don't mention how old your daughter is, so not sure how soon you need to worry about this, but one thing you might want to consider is High Schools. My sons have gone through the magnet program in GISD since Kindergarten and we have been very pleased. Unfortunately, the choice of school does not really work in High School. If you do not want to go to a magnet high school, then you cannot choose your High School, unless it is one of the less popular schools. When we bought our home, South Garland HS was our neighborhood school. It has really gone downhill in the past 10 years and was rated unacceptable last year. If your child wants to go to Rowlett HS or Sachse HS (generally the preferred schools right now) then you need to live in their transportation area, because they are not magnet schools. This is not necessarily the same as living in the city of Rowlett or Sachse. You must go to the GISD website and look at the transportation maps. The only problem is those can change. If your daughter wants to attend a magnet high school, then it doesn't matter where she lives except for travel time. Lakeview Centennial is becoming a popular school now, because they started a Collegiate program. Garland HS has the IB program but it is a very difficult program and usually only about 50 students graduate with the full IB program.

You can go to the City of Garland website to view crimes reported in various parts of Garland. Check out the Crime Reports Mapping option. The scariest thing is the number of Sex Offenders living nearby. https://www.garlandtx.gov/gov/lq/safety/police/reports_wa...



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We live in Waterview in Rowlett. My daughter goes to a magnet school in North Garland and the bus picks her up/drops her off every day. So, if you child is accepted, busing is provided. There are some great schools in the area near Waterview, just in case the magnet lotto thing doesn't work out. I hope it does though, we've been pleased. :)
On another note, don't live by the water treatment plant, near Centerville Rd. At certain times of the year or with wind, it just smells awful driving through that area. I can't imagine living in it and dealing with it regularly. You wouldn't want to be out in your yard much.

Shores of Eastern Hills... is that the neighborhood off Bobtown and 30, near Lakeview HS and Couch Elementary? I am trying to remember the name of that neighborhood. It's got some pretty homes. I know 2 people who live in that area, if that's it. I have heard about crime from one of them (more like disturbance) , but the other hasn't mentioned it at all. I can check with her if you like. They've got some pretty homes.

Update: I read someone else's post about the high schools and that's a very good point. Waterview feeds into Sachse HS. Now, that doesn't mean they can't go to another if there's room, but busing wouldn't be provided. I know my daughter really wants to go to Rowlett because her cousin goes there, but I've had to tell her more than once not to get her heart set on it because I can't pick her up that time of day and she'll need a bus. HS gets out at 2:30. Who knows, she may stick with the magnet program for HS, it's a 3 years off.



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Yes, we have a home in waterview that we are going to put on the market soon. If you are interested and feel it would not be out of the way for your girl, get back as it would save broker fees.

Also, we are right across the street from an exemplary elementary school.



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In my professional setting I work with some great DFW Realtors. That will be your best option for someone who can recommend a perfect home. My Realtor referrals would be:

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