Looking for Home Based Employment in Greenville, SC

Updated on August 23, 2010
N.S. asks from Greenville, SC
6 answers

I am trying to find something I can do from my home computer or some other type of home based employment to earn extra income that will not greatly take away from my daughter and family time. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I am an Independent Advisor for lia sophia Jewelry and live in the Greenville area. What I love about lia sophia is that they truly make this a mom-friendly business and make it very feasible to earn a full time income without the hours. One of my upline managers just hit her sixth year with the company and she works about 10 hours/week and is now making close to $300k/year.

The product is wonderful and very high quality, so it truly sells itself. Once women see it, they love it. Let me know if you'd like to learn more!

Whatever you decide on, make sure it's something you love and if you're promoting a product, make sure you love the product, because it shows to your customers!

[email protected]____.com



answers from Charleston on

I am an independent consultant with a party plan company & it is a wonderful way to earn extra income. You only have to be out of the house when you do a show, and this is a great time to connect with other women. Please e-mail me at [email protected]____.com if you'd like more info.



answers from Spartanburg on

Hi Michelle
I am an indepdent distibutor for mia bella candles. Absolutely love it! You can get more info at www.scent-ualscents.com If you are intersted just click the more info button. Here's to your success!

C. Miller



answers from Spartanburg on

I don't have any suggestions unfortunatly. However, I am looking for the same opportunites....Please let me know if you have any good advice from other members. I am a mother of a 4 month old and desperately want to work from home.





answers from Spartanburg on

Hey Michelle !

How are you?

Iím so excited I just have to share my new business opportunity with you! Have you ever heard of Arbonne? Itís a Swiss skin care line that includes color cosmetics, aromatherapy, weight loss & nutrition products. The products are amazing and I personally love using them! I can honestly say that my skin looks and feels better than ever. They are pure, safe & beneficial. They are botanically based, do not use animal bi products or animal testing and they are environmentally friendly. These are all very important qualities to me and part of the reason I decided to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant. As Iím sure you can understand, with three little boys at home, I don't have much spare time, so itís great that I can do this home based business without having parties, spending countless hours working or keeping products stocked in my closet! Arbonne can be a wonderful opportunity both personally and/or financially that can change your life.

Arbonne products are Swiss formulated, manufactured in the U.S., botanically based, ph correct, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, animal and environment friendly, and made without mineral oil. Some of the wonderful product lines include:

* Anti-Aging

* Baby care (nut free & vegan certified)

* Specially formulated Men's skin care

* Before and After Sun

∑ Weightloss~ Figure 8, Detox Tea & Herbal Colon Cleanse

∑ Nutritional supplements - PMS supplements and Hormonal balancing creams that really work!

∑ Aromatherapy

∑ Color Cosmetics

I would be happy to give you a skin care product sample so that you can try Arbonne for yourself. Then you can tell me what you think!

You can also check the website www.arbonne.com for more information about Arbonne products and business opportunities. This is not only a great product but also a great business opportunity that I feel I must share this with you! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me @ [email protected]____.com
Iíd love to hear from you!

If you are interested in the business, there is a monthly meeting held at the Greenville Mercedes Benz dealership every 1st Thursday of the month.

Arbonne is a fun way to make an income and you'll also make some really good friends!

Hope to hear from you soon!


A. S.

Arbonne Consultant #16252588

Greenville, SC



answers from Pittsburgh on

I am Currently developing a national sales team with Votre Vu, a naturally based Skincare Company. We did not just stumble on this gold mine of a company with 80 years of research and developement votre Vu went out on a quest to find the very best. Until now, Votre Vu has only been available in high end spa's in Paris, France. Product orders are Filled and distributed in the US via one on one's, e-commerce, home parties or other casual networking channels. Come Join Me as a preferred customer, host and or consultant! Check out my website and read what the Celebrities such as Tori Spelling, Lisa Rinna are saying about Votre Vu and read all Press that Votre Vu is receiving. Be in the KNOW NOW.

Visit my website: www.votrevu.com/J.
My blog: http://jadesfrenchconnection.blogspot.com

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