Looking for High Risk OB in Lincoln

Updated on November 20, 2008
C.B. asks from Stevens Point, WI
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I am new to Lincoln and looking for an OB. I am high risk and I am looking for the best in town! Please help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your responses! I called Dr. Swanson's office and Dr. Shari Hier-Duffin. I had both recommended and I ended up having a great conversation with a nurse at Dr. Hier-Duffin's office so I made an appointment there.

When I called Dr. Kenny's office they said that Dr. Swanson doesn't refer patients to Dr. Kenny's office and that Swanson sends those patients to a practice in Omaha. But, it sounds like you all have had different experiences than that.

Does anyone know Dr. Hier-Duffin? I'm going to try her and if I don't like her I am going to call Dr. Swanson's office.

This was a really hard decision to make!! All of your comments have been so helpful!

I just found out I was pregnant two days ago. I am not even in my fifth week yet and it has already been a roller coaster ride!

Thanks you so much for your help!

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I'm going to recommend James Maly at the Women's Clinic of Lincoln. I am just about as high risk as they come and Dr. Maly took such good care of me with all three pregnancies. I have two competing autoimmune thyroid disorders, have had a leep procedure (pre-cervical cancer removal), have delivered a 32-week preemie with Down syndrome who received my thyroid antibodies and have had a baby following our wee one with genetic abnormalities who also suffered with thyroid issues, plus I'm 38! Dr. Maly is such a dear, dear man! If you go, tell him that M., Nora, Elliot and Isaac's mother, sent you. And, hug him for me! :)

Good luck!



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I work for Maly and Swanson (in a way) Dr. Maly and they are both good. I have seen Dr. Kenney and he is the only maternal fetal doctor in town. He is good, I was a little dissapointed in bed side manner sometimes but he knows his job.



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I agree with the two previous posters - Women's clinic of Lincoln - Dr. Swanson is actually a relative - Dr. Maly is very good too. But call soon - they stay pretty booked.



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Dr. Robert Plambeck would be my referral. He's delivered 2 children for me, and 2 for my sister in-law, and 3 for one of my cousins, and both my sisterinlaw and cousin were high risk for completely different reasons. And his bedside manner is amazing. I have had many referrals for him throughout my time in Lincoln. beginning in 1995. Many blessings to you throughout your pregnancy.



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I too, would recommend Dr. Maly -- or Dr. Swanson; at the Women's Clinic of Lincoln. They are fantastic!


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Women's Clinic. My dr is Dr. Swanson however Dr. Maly delivered my daughter (he was on call). I was high risk, delivered at 29 weeks emergency c-section. I've been going to that office for 21 years. If you need a maternal fetal specialist Dr. Kenny is great! I didn't personally see him as a patient but many of the moms I was in the NICU with did.

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