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Updated on April 20, 2009
S.L. asks from League City, TX
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I started eating healthy and wal-mart and kroger are good for almost all my food but snacks such as nuts or dried fruit, breads. I'm not going organic crazy just low calories fresh food. I need an easier way to find healthy food without going through every item. I live at I-45 and FM 518 in League City.

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So What Happened?

One of my problems was being able to spend time shopping and finding new items to eat. I'll probably hit up Erma's and the Saturday food markets with my two kids. They will like that. Thanks.

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There are a couple of Whole Food stores in the Houston area unfortunetly none of them are real close to your side of town. They do however have a much bigger and better selection of "bulk" items.



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HEB has nuts for sale that are fresh and their fruit is pretty good. I also have found lots of snacks for my 2 year old that have no hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup here (but you probably can find them at Kroger and Walmart). I go to the HEB off 646, but the one in Friendswood might have a bigger bulk section.

Froberg Farms in Alvin also has good quality produce.

Erma's is also a great store to try. It has a lot of organic food but also more natural foods. It is off of NASA Rd 1 at one of the entrances into Nassua Bay.



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Erma's in Clear Lake off Nasa Road 1 (on UpperBay Road) is fabulous! They even have a farmer's market on Saturday mornings for fresh organic produce and local people selling things like cotton clothes and homemade soaps.

Natures Garden in Friendswood has a food cafe in addition to the healthfood store. They have things such as fresh juiced wheatgrass and gluten free sandwiches.

Both stores carry tons of gluten & casein free items. (my kids are on a special diet free of dairy, soy and wheat)

So you're right between both stores. Good luck! Also if you're looking for low calorie foods, one of the websites I love is www.hungrygirl.com She puts a points value on things and talks about using items that are tasty, lowcal and healthy for you.





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Whole Foods is great for this sort of thing (LOVE their 'Seed'uction bread), but the closest one to you is not close at all. A lot of the newer HEBs have acceptable bulk and natural food sections.

You might consider investing in a dehydrator to do your own fruit. Dried fruit can be quite expensive. A lot of money can be saved by buying what is on sale and drying for future use.

I don't buy organic necessarily because they are organic, but they are less likely to contain other things I don't want for me and my daughter...like high fructose corn syrup.

A good rule of thumb is that less processing = better for you.

Here is the information for a farmer's market near you.

Bay-Fest Farmers Market
Saturdays (except holiday weekends)
12:00 noon - 4:00 pm
Hardesty Avenue & 5th Street in Old Seabrook



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Hello S.,
I live in League City also (Claremont subdivision). My son is on a GFCF diet and we get his "junk food" (pretzels, cookies, donuts, etc.) at Erma's Nutrition Center. It is located in Nassau Bay on Nasa Rd. 1 and Upper Bay Blvd. in the strip center down from Gloria Day Lutheran Church. They have a large selection to choose from. We also find quite a bit a HEB.
Good luck.

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