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Updated on February 05, 2007
L. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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I was wondering if anyone has advice on joining a gym. I have called Bally's, 24 Hour Fitness, Mountainside and Lifetime. Just looking for any other Mom's that have had either a good or bad experience with any of these. Or which has the best to offer price wise? I have an infant daughter who is 10 months old that I would take to the gym childcare as well.

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I like World Gym over at McQueen/Pecos. The daycare ladies there are soo nice and since its new, hardly any kids there at all.

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I actually joined 2 gyms to see which one I liked. I joined Lifetime in Gilbert and loved it! Then I joined Golds Gym in Gilbert and liked it and it was a little cheaper. So I went with Golds Gym. I wish iwould have stayed with Lifetime! The place at golds gym is a little dirtier and the childcare is not that good. My son both times I went and picked him up was in a poopy diaper and they don't play with the kids they just sit back and talk.

Lifetime also has a pool and it's just so much nicer for only around 20 I think bucks more.

If you are looking for a gym buddy let me know! I would love to be able to go with a mom and work out!

Thats partly why I stopped going because I didn't want to go by myself!

Another gal on here wants to do yoga so I might do that. But depending on when we all can meet up thats the person I can go wwith.

I would be able to do it any day monday thorugh frriday from 1pm to 3pm.

let me know!

Talk to you soon.

Also it would need to be around Gilbert area. My daugher goes to Eduprize in Gilbert and I don't want to travel back home to AJ and then travel back. So anyways, let me know what you chose! BYe.



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Hi! I was a member of lifetime for a long time, it has wonderfl ammenities and is a great gym. The biggest problem for me (outside of many others), was that the child center was too overwhelming. I never had the courage to take my son. We recently joined 24 hr fitness, and it is working great! It is not as nice as lifetime, but I love the child center. It is very small and clean, they close for 2 hours during the day for cleaning. Everyone is so nice. My 14 month old LOVES it! He gets so exited and reaches for the girls to take him when we get there. There are usually only about 3-5 other kids there at a time. It is much more relaxed and mellow. This makes me feel so comfortable and actually WANT to go to the gym!! I hope this helps.



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You left your request almost 2 months ago but i just wanted to let you know about LA Fitness. I go everyday and I just love it. Its very clean and huge! They have a child care and both my 3 year old and my 6 year old have loved when I did take them in there. I pay $24 and 10 for child care. I go to the one on Gilbert and Southern. I hope this helps. L.



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You might want to ask to do a 1 day trial class and see how it works out at each place. My friend told me that her daughter (older like 6) had rug burns on her back because she didn't tell some older girl, to leave her alone nor did the worker (some just sit back and do their homework or not experienced/trained with kids) put a stop to it. Apparently the girl dragged her around like she was Wilma Flintsone. And then another friend took her 1.5 year old daughter to the gym childcare and she got as sick there as she would have been in daycare. Strep, Double Ear Infection, you name it.

I'm thinking of going to the Rec Center Classes in the evening and do a 1 month at a time class in either yoga, aerobics, pilates, etc. It's cheaper and kid-free. But even the ones with the toddlers has been a great workout too. My son has been in Kindermusik class at Chandler Rec for 15 weeks and it is more than just dancing, playing with instruments, it's a work out.

Good Luck!



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I was in your shoes 9 months ago and I chose Mountainside Fitness on Cooper and Warner. I really like it, especially the Muscle Sculpting class. My kids all do well in the childcare and they are really good with the babies. It is low-key and everyone is very friendly! It was also the least expensive option for me at the time--we got a family membership for 2 adults and 3 kids in childcare for $60/month.



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hi L.,

I just switched my gym mebership to LA Fitness from Pure Fitness because of the better services and the childcare. LA Fitness only charges $10 extra per month to get unlimited childcare. Pure Fitness was a couple of dollars an hour or a punch card program...neither of which were as good of a deal. Plus, fitness wise, LA Fitness is way better. They have a pool and so many more cardio machines than other gyms. And they keep the place so clean!

I have heard Mountainside is nice as well as Lifetime, but have never been to either.

I pay $24 per month plus the $10 extra for childcare. Since it was a new gym opening, they waived any type of start-up fees.



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I loved Lifetime Fitness in Gilbert but hated there childcare. I have a 4 yr old daughter(3 at the time) and they childcare facility is so big that they seem short staffed. My daughter was always getting sick or hurt.
But then i joined Pure Fitness in Chandler and love there childcare. Very small and personable. The gym itself is also small but a bit cheaper in the long run too. There daycare hours are from 8am-1pm and 4pm-8:30pm i think. Hope this helps.



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I also go to 24 Hour Fitness and have also used Bally's.

Bally's childcare was just a big room with a few toys in it and I never wanted to take my kids there. The staff was horrible. But they are free with your membership and it is obvious as to why.

24 hour fitness however, has a bigger childcare center, but not too big. There are usually at least 2 workers there and they are good with the kids. My 2 year old hates leaving. Also, they have a little area separated for my 10 month old that is padded so she is not with the older kids getting trampled on but she can walk around her area and watch and play.

As far as being sick, anytime kids get together, it is bound to happen so keep that in mind. My son has never been sick from there but my daughter did, she had another kids binky in her mouth and I believe that is how she caught a cold.

Anyways, for one kid at 24 hour fitness, it is $10 a month with your membership ($15 for 2 kids). If you pay for each time you bring her in, it is $3.00 each time.

Good Luck to ya!

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