Looking for "Green" Diapers or Cloth Diapers

Updated on May 21, 2008
M.B. asks from Loma Linda, CA
6 answers

just wondering if anyone out there has a favorite brand they like. i've been looking at g diapers, kushies, bumGenius, nature baby, etc. i've always been a fan of huggies supreme, but am trying to be more earthwise.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi M.,

We use both gdiapers and Nature Baby diapers. Both are biodegradable diapers - gdiapers are also compostable. One of the posters wrote that gdiapers contain the gel - not sure where that info came from but on their site it says they have a wood pulp with sodium polyacrylate (you can read about it at http://www.gdiapers.com/gdiapers101/faqs/what-is-sap). gdiapers are definitely more expensive at start because you have to buy the covers and liners..but the medium size holds 14lbs - 28lbs, so you don't have to buy very many covers/liners.
Nature Baby can be found at target and they also make biodegradable wipes.
Anyways, thats my 2 cents. I hope this is helpful.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Anyway, I love nature baby diapers. There are plusses and minuses to any diaper- I've read multiple studies that say, once you figure in the water and energy necessary for cloth diapers they are just as bad as regular disposables, and that there are no environmentally safe diaper services- they all use tons of chemicals, particularly bleach (as would I if I were to use cloth). And the G diapers are EXPENSIVE and still use super absorbant gel that some people try to avoid. I think the nature baby is a good middle ground- I have no idea if they use absorbant gel, but they are the same price as premium diapers (pampers- they're a little more expensive than huggies), but you really don't sacrifice any performance, except that they are just a tad less stretchy around the waist and a tad more bulky. But I love them, and my daughter will pee out of some diapers at night (she drinks way too much water), but not these. And they're cute- no silly cartoon characters or anything. I tried looking up info on them on exactly how they're better for the environment, but I couldn't find a website. But they make me feel better! I just wish they would have been around sooner!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hello to you both! lol Presonaly I don't see any Disposiable diaper being "green", but Traveling can be difficult without them. I think cloth of the majority of the time is your best bet. I purchused mine from the natural baby catologe many moons ago (11years), and they survived through three kids! I was even able to hand about 18 of them to my nephew. Here's the link. . . www.naturalbaby.stores.yahoo.net I used their rainbow diapers. Hope that helps. Love and luck to you and your growing family! M.
P.S. another way to go green and save tons of money is to make your own baby food. It's not too much trouble, and the result is wonderful. esp using the icetray method.



answers from Los Angeles on


With my 5 year old, I used cloth diapers (Dy-Dee Diaper Service our of Pasadena- you can google them) and with my 1 year old I am using disposables (trying to use gel-free or chlorine-free though I haven't been as consistent).

So, the cloth diapers are a little annoying because you have to carry them around (even the soiled ones) and you can't just dump them in the trash. Also, they take a while to learn how to properly fold and place so that there isn't an eruption each time your child goes. They are bulky which is funny on a newborn. The diaper service delivers and it's great that you can use those cloths as a protective layer when changing your baby or to clean spit and stuff. In terms of money, you are saving a lot!

The disposables are more convenient- BUT, I don't like that some of the brands (most brands except for Tushies) have gels in them to absorb the pee. It's not healthy for my boys' family jewels to be around all that gunk. Also, it's hard to tell sometimes if he's actually wet- like I've got to get my face into the diaper so I suspect that he sits around without being changed as often as my first-born was.

I chose not to use the cloth ones with my second one out of convenience really. Still, I used the Tushies delivery system for a while (then my child outgrew the sizes. Once potty training begins, though, I am going back to Dy-Dee Diaper so that we can have an easier (and hopefully faster) time with training. There is a new diaper on the market- gDiapers and they are flushable. I don't know about standing over the toilet and swiveling waste, but you may want to look into it. I do feel guilty about some of the disposables I've used. I just know they are going to sit in a land fill forever and I feel bad about leaving that as an inheritance to my children.

Congratulations on No. 4 and best of luck!

Take Care,



answers from Honolulu on

Try "Seventh Generation" diapers. It's chlorine free therefore good for the environment, and there is a lot of info. on this brand.

This brand also makes lots of other products.

Here is a link:

It has tons or great reviews.
Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi M.,
I use BumGenius cloth diapers from www.Diapers.com I LOVE them. They are easy to use, easy to care for and they grow with your baby so you (ideally) buy one set (I started with 6 and am going to get about 10 more so I can spread out my laundry days)and be done with it! Even my cloth-hating husband concedes that they are easy to use he uses them!
And, NO rashes at all! :)
Best of luck and thank you for exploring cloth options!


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