Looking for Grants/scholarships for My Doctorate

Updated on August 17, 2009
S.H. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hi everyone,

I am working on my doctorate in Counseling Psychology and I am having an impossible time finding any scholarships or grants to help with tuition at the doctorate level. The Obama push for moms to go to school is not doing me any good, because those grants, like almost all the others I have found, are just for getting one's first B.A. Is anyone else out there working on a doctorate and finding any grants? I need some free money for school, fast!

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I'm in the initial planning stages of going back to school to get my MPH. I've just started looking into grants/funding without much success but I haven't really dug in yet. If I find anything noteworthy, I'll pass it on to you. Please do the same! Our government needs to look at education quite differently as we are slipping compared to other industrialized countries (and even some not so industrialized) - bachelor's degrees are wonderful but we need to focus on graduate degrees as well - don't get me started :-)! Good luck!

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FastWeb Scholarships [[email protected]____.com]
This is a website that may help....it may be a lot of work for a couple little scholarships, but something is better than nothing. It is a free site and you can personalize it meet your degree, age, race, gender, financial status.

Good Luck



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You may have already done this, but I would push around in your school's financial aid department. Some schools have very bad counselors, or just some bad ones and other good ones. But a good school will have counselors and faculty that really have their finger on the pulse and know good resources for different applicant profiles. Also maybe the reference librarians at your school's library.
Good luck, I may be in your situation next year!



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Funding for doctoral students can come from many sources - mostly discovered through your home department.

You can, for example, get a teaching assistantship to help pay - this requires that you help teach undergrads, but gives you funding. You can also get a research assistantship, where you help your adviser with research in return for funding. Notifications of special grants or fellowships are also usually publicized through departments. Your school may also know of any special funding they have set up to help doctoral students.

In short, go ask your adviser, your department head (or secretary may be more likely to know these things), the financial aid office at your institution, etc. I think these resources will be a lot more beneficial because they know precisely what they have available for their students.

(Btw, depending on what your intended post-doctoral career is, the new programs for student loans make them less scary. You can also consider that as an option for helping make the grand total that you need.)

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