Looking for Good Vet That Does Not Charge Outrageous Prices near Glencoe?

Updated on March 21, 2009
J.S. asks from Glencoe, IL
4 answers

Looking for good vet that does not charge outrageous prices near Glencoe?

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answers from Tampa on

I recommend finding a Banfield Pet Hospital near you. (They are usually housed in PetSmarts). They have Optimum Wellness Plans that greatly reduce the costs of vet care. Yesterday, our 11 year-old Lab had a full battery exam, including x-rays, bloodwork and all her vaccines. It would've cost us $712 off the plan, it cost us $16 on the plan. SOOOOO worth it!



answers from Chicago on

The PetsMart in Northbrook has a new Vet clinic inside the store. They do routine exams and vaccinations, and I am not sure what else. I would think they would be less expensive. Save the private vet for if there is ever a more complicated problem with your pets. You can also get the Heartworm/flee medications online at Petmeds and it was a lot cheeper than getting it fom the vet (like half the price!)



answers from Chicago on

I can't recommend the Lincolnshire animal hospital enough!! Not only are they priced well, but they don't add on lots of tests and charges that I found at other vets. Plus, they were exceptional to me last year when I lost two dogs within three months. In fact, when my older dog was having a lot of trouble walking and I had a 3-week old baby, the vet actually dropped of medicine to my home personally! And they warmly embraced the rescue dog we adopted last summer.



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I LOVE Barry Miller at Greenbay Animal Hospital ###-###-####.

I have also heard good things about taking dogs to Orphans of the Storm....

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