Looking for Good Age Appropriate Book to Talk About Periods, Babies and Such

Updated on July 14, 2009
A.Z. asks from Lansing, IL
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Okay-so this is happening WAY earlier than I ever expected....my 7 y/o twins have been asking tons of questions about periods, why you have hair down there, and babies(my one daughter doesn't want God to give her a baby). While I obviously know about all of these things I am hoping that someone has found a good book that they have come across that helps to explain these things in an age appropriate matter. I am extremely happy that they have come to me with these questions and want to go about this the right way so we can keep the lines of communication open-any advice, suggestions and input would be great. Thanks in advance!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you mamas SOOOO much!!! We went and bought the American Girl book and it has been a huge help. Although the book has now opened up more questions it is such a great resource. I can see myself getting more books from that series!!! Thanks again!!!!

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Yes, I ditto the responses regarding the American Girl Series of Books, and there are several. They also have books that talk about relationships that kids will have with friends, hygiene, etc...

Yes, keeping the lines of communication open is excellent. And letting the children see that you are never embarrassed to answer any question and that you can respond in a rational manner when asked ANYTHING, is so important. And they WILL throw zinger questions at you at ANY TIME! (Just went through this with my teen and tween yesterday! Amazing!)

And personally, I would get in the habit of talking about body parts with their appropriate names. Nick-names can be made up later but by using nick-names when answering questions, children can get the feeling that you are not totally comfortable answering their questions. There is a time and place for some nick-names. And when you are in a Doctor's office, you would probably rather hear them use the proper term, rather than "who-ha".

Good luck.

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I also recommend the American Girl book called, "The Caring and Keeping of You."

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The Care and Keeping of You, an American Girl book. You can sometimes find it at Target, or Walmart, if not Borders.

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We used the book/video "Where Did I Come From" for our 7-year old when she had a lot of questions about sex. It satisfied her curiosity and she's been fine since. It explains it it a good manner.

It served as a good basis for later when she asked about periods (and what tampons are for) because she already had the basics down of how babies are made. We explained it very matter-of-factly and she was fine.

Good luck! It came earlier than we expected too!



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Yep - The Care and Keeping of You (American Girl) is fantastic for your daughters' needs.

And I gotta say, I love your attitude about keeping the lines of communication open. They'll continue coming to you as they get older and more complicated as opposed to turning to the internet or their friends and learning incorrect information. Way to go!

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