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Updated on October 30, 2008
D.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
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We are going to have to replace our garage door and opener pretty soon. I've been calling around and the places that I'm looking at right now are:
*Overhead Door
*Welborn Overhead Door
*AllPro Garage Doors
**Suburban Door
*Vantage Garage Doors
I obviously want to get a good price but I also want to make sure that the person or company that I use is honest and will help me make the right decision as to which door/opener to go with.
Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about any of these places or do you have a recommendation for someone else?
Any help would be appreciated!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for those of you who responded! I had already called the companies I had listed and I went ahead and called Plano Overhead Door from the recommendations here. I decided to go with Plano Overhead Door. They were super knowledgable but not overly so on the phone and really seemed to want to help me understand the different kinds of doors and openers. They are coming out next week to install. I called 8 places in total and their prices were VERY competetive with everyone I called.
Thanks again for taking the time to tell me about your experiences!

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another suggestion is beech's overhead door in grapevine. haven't used them personally but the son (it's family owned)is the husband of a friend of mine. wouldn't hurt to get a quote.



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I second Plano Overhead Door. We upgraded and replaced the builder garage doors (1 double and 1 single) and openers last fall and it is one of the best things we did. You cannot hear the doors open at all because they are so quiet.

We did spend extra for special rollers, steel insulated doors. The garage keeps a good steady temperature.

The garage doors and openers replacements is one of the best upgrades we did for our home. I know you can spend less than we did because we added a lot to our job (appx $2500). I think the door openers were around $750 installed BUT we added special rollers and upgraded the framing part.

I would go with Plano Overhead door again in a heartbeat.




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There was another post not too long ago asking for garage door repair referrals. Here is the link to that thread:
My referral to Access Garage doors, which is who I would recommend, is included in the responses to that request as well.

Good luck!



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I have used Plano Overhead Door for many years for many properties and have been very pleased with both service and pricing.

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