Looking for Fundraiser Ideas for Soccer Team??

Updated on May 03, 2013
D.T. asks from Arlington, TX
7 answers

Hi moms!!! I was hoping that someone could give me some ideas to do a fundraiser to earn some money for my daugthers soccer U7 team. We dont have many girls on the team there are about 8. I really dont know where to start?? lol But would like to raise some money for the team. Thank you in advance!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I personally don't care for fundraisers that require kids to sell.

One fundraiser that I heard about toward the end of the last school year is Boomerangs Party and Play. I think there's one in Bedford (I don't know how close that is to you in Arlington). They offer groups 50% of the admission price. So if you get 100 kids to show up, and admission is $8.99 per kid, your group would get $450. Then, instead of kids going door to door selling things, maybe you just have them all make invitations and give them to all of their friends, neighbors, church members, etc. On the invite, encourage families to invite friends of their own. If the kids have their school or classroom directories from last year (or you wait until school starts) you can invite all the kids from each of the players' classes to a "Back to School" party.

I believe Boomerangs will also work with you, so if you're in an area where $8.99 is too much for most families to afford, they'll knock the admission price down, and you would get anything they collect over the $4.50 base fundraiser price - don't quote me on that... I've just heard it through the grapevine.

I would have the team members in uniform the night of the fundraiser, and have them take turns "manning the door" to remind people about mentioning the fundraiser (I think the facility is still open to the public, but not sure).

If you're not near Boomerangs, I would call other "bounce" places like that and see if they have a similar system.

Good luck!
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answers from Los Angeles on

First of all, congrats on getting your fundraising started! Raising support for a worthy cause can be super rewarding. But obviously, if you're not an official non-profit, it can be really tricky finding a good way to build support for your cause.

One route you might want to consider: setting up a homepage for your group on a fundraising website. Having a group homepage online makes organizing and fundraising infinitely easier ... And though the majority of fundraising sites require you have official non-profit status, many good ones only require that you are a group - and will give you plenty of the tools you need.

For example, one good site is Meet Up (www.meetup.com), who allow you to fundraise directly to your account, and register a group without having an official non-profit status - and they cover groups around the world, while giving you some tools to do event management. But the tools they offer are a little limited outside of fundraising.

Another good option would be Empowered.org (www.empowered.org), a platform that also helps small groups fundraise and organize (regardless of non-profit status). They also work for international groups - and offer a fair amount of useful tools, like the ability to organize your group or to create volunteer activities and fundraising campaigns for more targeted ways to raise support.

Or you could always try to send up your own PayPal account to link to you directly to help you fundraise, but this is a little trickier and a bit inflexible.

Good luck getting started moving forward! Hope that helped.



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I am with Harmony Photography. www.harmonydfw.com. We are partnering up with local area teams and offering a photography fundraiser idea. This is where the only thing the kids have to do is ask if it is ok to provide us with names and phone numbers to 10 people they know and have asked permission. We do the rest. We are offering a photoshoot, and every session we schedule from the team, we are giving the team back 20% of the price. If you are interested please let me know.

Harmony Photography



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Contact the school district. Ours has a vendor fair in March and some of the attendees were fund-raising related. Your school district may have a list of similar resources.



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Jim's Pizza has a fundraising program, you might try them. We used them for our Silent Auction and they donated coupons and a coupon for a free pizza. We sold all our pizza coupons.



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I recommend "Southern Living At Home" items. SLAH has beautiful things for your home or for gifts! I have a friend named Kristi Harper that I highly recommend to help you with a fundraising project. Kristi's phone number is ###-###-####.

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