Looking for Fun Things to Do in Door County

Updated on August 31, 2009
D.B. asks from Lombard, IL
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In September we are going camping with a large group. We have some kids who are going. I am looking for specific ideas of what to do and where to go. We have a family of 5 with 3 kids ages 8,4, and 2. There will be 2 other 3 year olds with us. We were thinking of renting bikes, one with a trailer, and checking out Washington Island. But that is all I know. Just looking for good recommendations. We are staying in Egg Harbor area.

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My husband and I have been to Door County as a couple, and most recently, with our 17 month old son.

There are two farms to visit: The Farm in Sturgeon Bay and Plum Loco in Egg Harbor. Plum Loco has a kids play area and games, in addition to animals to feed.

Hands On Art Studio in Fish Creek is fun, but it might get to be a bit pricey with a large group.

People have mentioned PC Junction in Bailey's Harbor to me, but we didn't go. It has a train theme, and if you sit at the "bar" a train will deliver your food.

We enjoy Fred and Fuzzy's in Sister Bay for a casual, outdoor dinner. It's right along the water, so the kids can explore, and if you time it right, you can see the sunset over Green Bay.

Not Licked Yet in Fish Creek has yummy custard and a small play area for kids.

The Dairy View Country Store might be a fun stop if you are in the Carlsville area

Washington Island is nice, but you might try Peninsula State Park for biking too.

Have a great time!


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My daughter and I were in Egg Harbor week before last. We stayed with a friend. We also went to Washington Island. I enjoyed the Island but I think I enjoyed the Ferry ride more. For the kids make sure you visit PC Junction restaurant. My daughter loved it. There are many gallaries to experience. Cave Point is another place worth visiting. All of the surrounding towns were fun. Peninsula State Park was nice, we didn;t camp. The Americna Foklore Theatre was nice but I think they have closed for the summer. Caseys BBQ and Al Johnsons Swedish Pancake House (goats grazing on the roof) were two places where we enjoyed dining. Hope this helps.



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All the previous recs were great- don't forget Wilson's for ice cream!



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A really cute place to do lunch is PC Junction. Fun for all ages! A model train rides around the counter and brings you your food. They also have a great play area and really good food (burgers, chicken, sandwiches). Check it out- www.pcjunction-doorcounty.com. My then 3yo absolutely loved it! We'll be going back.



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Hi we were just in Door County in Aug. we were only there for two nights we stayed in Sturgeon Bay at a great hotel
The Westwood Shores loved it i would reccomend the Farm in Sturgeon Bay the kids loved it you can feed the animals and pick up and pet a lot of the animals we did not make it to Washington island also do a fish boil just make sure they serve something else if the kids dont eat fish and knw that the bones and skin are still on the fish my kids loved the show of the boil the fire but had the chicken we went to the Viking grill very rustic you eat off of plastic trays no dishes and is served cafeteria style have a great trip and pack warm it will be chilly.

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