Looking for Fun Activities for Seven Month Old

Updated on April 16, 2008
J.R. asks from Cupertino, CA
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My daughter gets so bored with her toys and books, but when we go somewhere or she discovers something new she is not as fussy. Any ideas on activities near Richardson or Dallas or things we could do at home to give her the mental stimulation she needs would be appreciated!
Edit- she is extremely mobile, left that part out. Yesterday she was opening drawers, using them to pull herself up and digging in them. She doesn't just "sit" anymore.

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Hmm ... at 7 months .. she probably would just enjoy changes of scenery, like the other response ... just taking a walk outside. Rotate her toys in and out - so she doesn't get bored with the ones she has.

I also think that at 7 months ... mental stimulation doesn't require ... going to big expensive places and buying fancy toys .. there's YEARS of that ahead of you ... now is a perfect time for simple things as everything is new for her.

I pulled this from another site for 7 month olds:

Play peekaboo. When you reappear, your baby's delighted laugh signals both his enjoyment of the game and his sense of relief. He's just beginning to learn that you're still there, even if he can't see you.

Let your baby help you turn off the light switch while you say "lights out." After a while he'll make the connection between the light being switched off and the room getting dark.

Give your baby toys to play with that can be named easily: cup, telephone, doll, kitten, spoon, dog, block, rattle, banana or clown. Name each toy as he reaches for it.

Have a play date with a baby your child's own age. Your baby will also enjoy watching older children play.

Cut out large, colorful pictures from magazines: a telephone, a dog, an airplane, a spoon, a teddy bear. Then paste the pictures into a blank notebook. Sit your baby on your lap and "read" the pictures together.

Try dropping games. Show him how to drop a hard ball into a large plastic bowl; he'll be intrigued and want to try it on his own.



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At 7 months, everything qualifies as mentally stimulating. My son loved going to the grocery store (still does), looking at the fish and other animals at Petsmart, Lowes & Home Depot, just about anywhere you can go and see things. As mentioned previously, it doesn't require a lot of cash. A walk through the neighborhood is always good. My guy loved being at my eye level so a sling was great for him. Even around the house, that changed his point of view. Another thing he loved was pots and pans and canned goods. They don't have to play with "toys" to become occupied.



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Hi J.-

I actually just took my 5 1/2 month old son to the Dallas Arboretum yesterday. They have "Mommy & Me Mondays" and "Tiny Tot Teusdays". It's from 11am-2pm both days and runs through the end of May. They have crafts, a petting zoo, face painting, and the best part was Kindermusic from 12:00pm-12:30pm where a woman leads them with dances with music and encourages them to move around using flags, shakers, etc. My son is only 5.5 months old, so he doesn't crawl quite yet, but I was able to move him around, swing him and help him "jump" like the other kids (it was a nice exercise for me too).
Also, they have huge grassy areas that they let the kids run around in. The older infants and toddlers were having a ball. And the Mommies enjoyed letting their kids wear themselves out while enjoying the beautiful scenery.



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J., this sounds a lot like my daughter who is now 15 months old. She's a total busy body.

Eight months old... I'm thinking! She's probably thinking grand thoughts but too small to do anything with them yet.

I can tell you that my little one loves the park and being outdoors--which is not good right at this moment with the snow on the ground. Matter of fact she threw a fit earlier when I wouldn't let her go diddle outdoors.

Check your local library and see what kind of kids area they have.

If you are close to Dallas, and decide on a Zoo membership, they have a really good kids section of the zoo, with a running stream and lots of animals to look at. There have been times when we go just to be in the "kids zoo" area and by pass all the other animals. She may be a little too young for that just yet, but something she would enjoy at a later time. Also the arboretum is lovely in the Spring.

Also you could try some mommy and me activities like the Little Gym. Also, maybe take her to Pet Smart or some other pet store where she can look at the fish in the aquarium, or look at the birds. Or stroll around the mall where there is a lot of stuff to see.

Or maybe a small toy store, like learning express or some place where they have displays up so little ones can play.

Also try playing some music, or activity games where you are making animal sounds, peek-a-boo, or fun stuff where you are the star of her show. At 8 months old, my daughter was also bored with toys and more interested in learning how to perfect walking. Then by her first birthday she was climbing. Needless to say she keeps me on my toes.

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