Looking for "Freeze Your Own Popsicle Containers"

Updated on October 25, 2008
K.H. asks from Keller, TX
4 answers

i am looking for the little "tupperware" popsicle containers that you pour your own juice into & freeze your own...but i am not necessarily wanting the tupperware brand (mainly bc i am wanting at least two sets & i can't really afford two of the tupperware ones & was hoping to find some a little cheaper)

i know i had seen them earlier in the year like during the summer, but now i cant seem to find them...has anyone seen them in a store you've been in recently?

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answers from Dallas on

We bought ours from World Market (front left side) where all the BBQ stuff was...but that was spring/early summer. The handles are red, animal shaped. We love them! It was always a great way to get my son to have some V8 Splash, and soothe him when he was teething. When those giant bottles of Hawaiian Punch are on sale (right now: 1.97 at Walmart) they make perfect popscicles.

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answers from Dallas on

I found them at Target, Hwy 377 in Watauga

Good luck,

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I haven't seen any lately but you could try Tuesday Morning or even the Container Store might have some.

If you wanted you could use a standard small kitchen cup, the Dixie brand or something. Pour the juice in it, put foil on the top and stick a popsicle stick thru the foil. The foil should hold the stick in place. You could do the same thing with ice cube trays or even a muffin pan.

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