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Updated on April 18, 2013
T.M. asks from Livonia, MI
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We are planning a beach vacation this year and are not sure where to go. We originally planned on Myrtle Beach, but after reading reviews from different places am not sure if that would be a good idea for us. There are 2 adults and 5 kids. Anywhere we go is expensive since we have a large family. Any ideas for North Carolina, South Carolina or top part of Florida? Any specific rental ideas? Trying to find somewhere not to expensive but family friendly and big enough for all of us.

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answers from Kansas City on

If you do Myrtle--try North Myrtle Beach.
MUCH more family friendly!

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answers from Los Angeles on

We LOVE Destin, FL. We went for 3 or 4 years in a row and then the year of the oil spill, we went to Myrtle Beach instead. HUGE difference between the two. Myrtle Beach is dirty brown water and so, so, so touristy. Destin is crystal clear Gulf water with some tourist attractions, but not so close together- it is more spread out. Destin is super family oriented- you definitely won't find the groups of partying teenagers there like you do in Myrtle Beach (or Panama City for that matter). We are going back again this summer and can't wait! We have 5 kids and we're going with another couple that has 1.
Another very family oriented place (this is where I spent my vacations as a kid) is Hilton Head Island, SC. Their beaches are clean, but again, it is brown Atlantic Ocean water. There also isn't a ton to do except golf and the outlets. I would definitely pick Destin over HHI as well.
We wanted to stay at Villa Coyaba in Destin, but it was more room than we really needed and more than we wanted to spend. We ended up booking at Silver Beach Towers. It is RIGHT on the beach and relatively new (built in '04 I believe). Our unit is newly remodeled and it is centrally located on the strip. http://www.thesilverbeachtowersresort.com/?gclid=CPSvg9qB...
Have fun on your vacation!

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answers from Dallas on

In FL, I would recommend Destin or further south in Clearwater beach near Tampa. Two beautiful and definitely family friendly areas.

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answers from Rochester on

We loved Myrtle Beach...we've been twice. The Boardwalk on the Beach was my personal favorite, because there was so much to do in and around the area. We stayed at a nice hotel with a water park and it was on the beach so we had the luxury of either.

Not sure what reviews you saw, but I would reconsider...we honestly loved it, and I'm pretty picky.

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answers from Denver on

We went to Myrtle Beach for the first time last year. We had 4 kids, and I was pregnant with our 5th.
We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, and the rooms were very generous in size, completely beach front, and had a fully functional kitchen. The pools were fabulous. I wasnt all that impressed with MB as a town, but the beach was clean and so was the hotel. There was an awesome indoor/outdoor mall about 1 mile away, and it reminded me of the Downtown Disney area.
We ate almost all our meals in our room (or picnicked outside with food we made in our room). We made oatmeal, cereal, spaghetti, hotdogs and mac n cheese, bagels and fruit, wraps and chips, etc. You could easily take food with you or grocery shop once there.
We would definitely go back, and definitely stay at the same resort.

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answers from Iowa City on

We are going to Chincoteague. It is family friendly but outside of your requested geographical area.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I've been to Myrtle beach many times (usually stay North Myrtle) and I would consider it very family friendly. I'm not sure what you read or who wrote it.

That said, I have friends who rent a house every year at Topsail and they love it there. If you think you'd like a house, check out VRBO.com



answers from Detroit on

I have some family that vacation every year in the Outer Banks - specifically the town of Duck. They love it! We've been in Myrtle Beach twice and have really enjoyed ourselves. Some other family of mine have vacationed at Folly Beach and they loved that too.



answers from Jacksonville on

St Augustine, Fl....the oldest city in the U.S.,just south of Jacksonville,historic, great beaches, family friendly!



answers from Kansas City on

I've had a few friends rent through VRBO.com (vacation rentals by owner). I think it would be perfect for your larger family. It's usually a furnished house with a full kitchen, etc. My friend just did one near Disney and it was in a gated community and had a swimming pool in the back yard. She said it was much cheaper than renting a hotel for a week--and much more spacious! Another friend did one in NYC. Check it out and let that dictate where you go:)

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