Looking for Exterminator That Doesn't SPRAY Things.

Updated on September 29, 2008
T.B. asks from Longwood, FL
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Hi there. I ran into a palmetto bug in my 1975 home last night, in my shower, and my husband was not home, so I want to hire an exterminator. I don't want somebody who comes and sprays in the house, I'm looking for someone who baits once per year or less often then monthly. I really don't like chemicals at all, but I know all the companies use them, so I would rather have them behind things and not on my floors near my baby and dog. I am concerned about calling a company blindly from an ad that turns out to be shady. I have heard things about exterminators planting bugs in your home to get you to call them again, and would like to of course avoid that! Any referrals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Hi everyone, thank you for your responses. It seemed that Best Pest and Garrett would most suit my specifications. I called Best Pest and had someone come out, but wasn't thrilled with where and what they sprayed. I have yet to reach anyone at Garrett. I keep trying, but nobody ever answers the phone there. I haven't left a voice mail because they would just get my voice mail when they called back. Thanks again, and if I find a place I will definitely let them know who referred me!

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We use Evergreen and although they do spray, it is a once-a-year treatment. When they come they take off the switch plates and put whatever they use IN the walls. Then they just treat the outside of the house after that. I have not seen any roaches/palmetto bugs (or any bugs at all except the occasional fly) in my house since we started using them.

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I use Best Pest - I think it is actually called "The Best Pest Control Company". They use some sort of gel or something, but it all goes in the walls. They unscrew your outlets and light switches and put the stuff in there. They come out once per year for $180. I'm not sure if that is the regular price or if I got a discount for using their lawn service too. If you have problems within that year, they come out for free. The phone # is: ###-###-####. I've been with them for about 3 years.

If you decide to use them, could you let them know that I sent you? Thanks!

Just don't use TruGreen!!! Whatever they sprayed in my home killed my bird. When I called their corporate offices, they said that they don't even do indoor pest control. When I call the local office, they say they do.

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We use Terminix and we have never had a problem with bugs. We have 5 dogs and none of them have ever had a flea due to the bug service. They spray only outside of your home unless you want them to come inside. It's $101 every 3 months. I highly recommend them.



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Systeco owned by Cesar & K. (his stepson) go above and beyond the call of duty ###-###-####.

We live in 1970 home & have small children & an old dog.

K. sprays the perimeter & we do not have uninvited guests in the house since we moved in 2 yrs. ago. On rare occasions if I do see a bug, it is so very rare. If I see 2, I call K. and he shows up the next day.

When we moved in, I think the house was built on a red ant hill. K. came over every other day for a while to help rid us of the red ants in the yard, so the kids could play safely. He apologized for not getting it done promptly (which I thought he was very responsive) -- but it turned out that we had a 6 foot deep ant colony right next to the front porch.

Recently, another red ant hill popped up on the property line between our house & a neighbor and K. just took care of it. (We are on their bi-yearly maintenance plan & it is very low-cost.)

I can't say enough good comments about K. & his stepdad. In our previous house (2 yrs ago), we had just moved to Florida (renting) & I freaked when I saw a large bug. He sent K. over that afternoon (I actually lucked out because he was in the area. But it was all part of our maintenance plan then too -- no extra or hidden costs.) I feel as if I know them because they really do take care of their customers.



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We've used Garrett Pest Mgmt for years. It's a small business out of Apopka...407-865-5818/ www.garrettpestmanagement.com They have very reasonable rates and are really thorough. If you chose them, please let them know I referred you. (just msg. me back and I'll give you my full name) Thanks! and Good luck and God Bless.
B. ~ married 14 years and SAHM to awesome 3 3/4 year old b/g twins.



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We use Massey and basically they do whatever I ask them to do. When my babies were little, they just treated outside and baited inside. Guillermo came whenever I called. We had a situation when they tore down a heavily wooded area nearby to build a development, and we were inundated with creatures that were looking for new homes. Guillermo was here so often that the kids knew just what and where to show him. They also do my lawn maintenance but I believe it is roughly $88 every three months. I do have a big house though, so it might be cheaper if they don't have as much to do. We are also in the Longwood/Wekiva area. They also switched bug stuff when I got cats and asked them to be careful.
Hope this helps.



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We use Massey and really like them. I haven't seen many bugs in the house with them. I like that they spray, etc. outside and don't really do anything inside. If you have an older house they will probably use the treatments that go inside the outlets for the first time. I also like that you don't have to be home for them to come (except of course for the first visit).
Hope this helps!



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We use Terminix and they now have stuff that they use inside that goes behind the outlets in the walls so nothing is sprayed, except for outdoors. We pay them quaterly and come when you call.



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Hey T.,

I use Middleton Pest Control. Their customer service isn't always the best. But their products are awesome and that's the only reason why I still have them. They bait the house once a year. Then they spray the outside. I love the fact that I have babies crawling on the floor and a cat and dog running around and I don't have to worry about them finding the bait. Plus if I did have a bug in the house they come out for free until they are gone.


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