Looking for Easy to Follow Weight Loss CLEANSE

Updated on February 12, 2013
L.K. asks from Lafayette, CA
13 answers

Can anyone recommend a great cleanse for weight loss? Preferably something that is relatively easy to follow. What type of success did you have with the cleanse?


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answers from Norfolk on

I've tried a few but they didn't work.
The only thing that has helped me has been to use a food diary and track every calorie that enters my mouth and stop eating when I hit my 1200 calorie limit per day and drink plenty of water.
I started at the beginning of Dec and to date I've lost 26 lbs.
I still have a long way to go, but I'm making progress!

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answers from New York on

A cleanse might get you some short term weight loss, but it will be arduous, and you will likely put more weight on after you are through as your body will hold onto calories after the percieved starvation.

For true long term weight loss, you will need to make a life style change.
Consider doing the "eat more diet." It's a good way to transition to a healthier diet.

1. take all of your regular meals and split them in half.
2. proceed each of your now 6 meals with a glass of water or unsweetened tea, and one serving of something low cal and healthy (i.e. a cup of raw spinach, half a grapefruit, a handful of carrot sticks, a bunch of apple slices, a few sticks of celery, a cup of brothy soup, a handful of almonds).

by way of example-
your current diet consists of a cup of coffee an egg mc muffin and hashbrowns for breakfast at 7 am. two slices of pizza and a diet coke for lunch at noon, and an 8oz steak, a baked potato and broccoli for dinner and a piece of peach cobbler and a glass of wine at 7pm.

your eat more diet might look like-
a cup of water, a clementine, 1/2 a cup of coffee, 1/2 an egg mcmuffin and 1/2 the hashbrowns at 7.
a cup of water, a few slices of apple, and as much of the remaining breakfast you can eat at 10:30.
at noon you have a cup of water, a bunch of baby carrots, 1 slice of pizza and 1/2 a coke.
at 2 you have a cup of water, a cup of raw spinach, and as much of the remaining slice of pizza and 1/2 coke as you can muster.
at 6 you have a cup of water, a handful of almonds, 4 oz of steak, half a baked potato, broccoli, half a glass of wine and half a peach cobbler.
at 8 you have a cup of water, a few stalks of celery, and as much of the remaining 4oz of steak, half potato, broccoli and remaining wine and cobbler as you can muster.

How does this work? It slowly integrates healthy, high fiber low cal, unprocessed foods into your diet. You aren't categorically eliminating anything in your current diet. You are actually eating "more." Within a few days, you will be able to eat less of the second half of your meal as the combination of the water before each seating, and the healthy food, will fill you up. Your overall portion size will decrease and you will loose weight.

This won't work if-
you make poor choices in the eat more portion of this.
if you wolf your food so you don't feel sated.
if you insist on eating every last bite on your plate.
if you cause an overall increase in caloric intake.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.

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answers from Washington DC on

the master cleanse is incredibly effective and easy to follow.
very VERY hard to do, mind you.
but if you can do it, you will feel like a million bucks and your body will thank you.

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answers from Fort Myers on

Most doctors don't recommend cleanses and it's not going to keep the weight off, so why bother? Everyone has a different plan that works for them. Just make sure it's something you can commit to long term, rather than a quick fix that's going to lead to weight gain when you go back to eating "normal". For me, I've had great success with a low carb, gluten free diet. I don't see it as short term, I don't give myself "cheat days". I eat a small amount of gluten from time to time just so I don't become someone at parties or restaurants who has to be ultra picky and because I don't have a true gluten allergy.

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answers from Chicago on

Doing a cleanse really just messes with the normal balance of your innards. Reputable doctors recommend against it. I've had a couple of friends try this, and they both ended up pretty sick.... one for months. If I were you I'd skip it and try something else.

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answers from Chicago on

The only way to safely lose weight and keep it off is to cleanse your lifestyle. You have to exercise, period. Cut out any soda, even diet. Drink a lot of water. Watch your snacking throuout the day, like when you are giving the kids snacks. You're better off seeing a nutritionist to design a meal plan for you than wasting time and money on a cleanse that won't work anyway.

That being said, there are good reviews about the Master Cleanse...but that's also more of a lifestyle change and longer-term solution to body cleanse and weight loss. Nothing significant will happen for you though unless you start exercising, with some at least light weight training. That converts fat to muscle and starts changing your metabolism. Protein is a must too.

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answers from Williamsport on

It's not a cleanse, but a diet that detoxes and cleanses faster than any cleanse I've one. I've been on the Fit For Life plan since Thanksgiving and easily keep off the 20 pounds I lost in the FIRST MONTH! You see detox symptoms in the first few days, then you lose like 5 pounds per week and get tons of energy. Now I'm a little more lax, but by pretty much keeping with it I don't put on the pounds like I was before that. I'm 42 and fought against an immovable 20 pounds despite healthy diet and exercise before I discovered it. The book came out in the 80s and the library probably has it. It's natural and healthy, it's not something you'll stop in a few days and then triple your weight right away when you go back to normal life like many cleanses. I used to love the maple syrup, lemon cayenne cleanse, but in my mid 30's it quit working to shed the weight and the results were never as good as Fit For Life eating.

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answers from Anchorage on

Watch the documentary "Fat, Sick, and nearly dead"

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answers from San Francisco on

Dr. Oz did a show about a cleanse a couple weeks ago. It was a 30 day cleanse and you got to eat food with it. They said you'll lose about 12 lbs. check out his website



answers from Boston on

I wouldn't necessarily do one of those cleanse in a bottle type things. Just cut out all sugar all carbs(bread pasta cereal flours etc.) so no juice no junk just eat tons of veggies and protein and plenty of water every day. Do this for approx 5-7 days and then try to stick to a healthy eating regimen after.... I have heard good things about the whole 30. Good Luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Dr. Oz has a cleanse. It is 3 days....I did one day but ended up with the flu and very sick the next day. UGH! I've wanted to try it again, don't think I can do 3 days, maybe (big maybe two) but I can't psychologically get over the fact that I got sick when trying it before......

Before he has said cleanses such as these work mostly psychologically and to get your stomach used to having less. If that's what you think you need, go for it but I wouldn't feel bad or like you didn't accomplish something if you can't do all 3 days. Maybe I just think that because I can't/don't want to do 3 whole days....

just saw he has a 48 hour cleanse too:



answers from Boston on

Cleanses are not miracle cures. In fact, they can be exhausting and just slow you down. Think about it - if it were super easy to just do this in a few days, everyone would be thin! You CAN do a gentle, ongoing program of colon health that will rid your body of the 8-10 pounds of "sludge" most people have on their colon walls, which will give you a healthier colon and also allow for better absorption of nutrients on an ongoing basis, making your food more efficient. When you are getting what you need nutritionally, it cuts your cravings and keeps you from eating things you don't really need. A good product can reduce inflammation, which is one of the primary causes of most disease, and heal the colon, which is the highway to your health. A good product will also help detoxify your blood, removing the effects of high cholesterol and the plaque from your blood vessels. It's not easy to find a patented product with a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber - you won't find it in anything advertised on TV or really in anything in most health food stores. Remember that a patent is very difficult to get on food products, but it does prove that they are safe, effective and unique, and guarantee that what it says on the label is what's in the can. You also can find something where the company is just at the other end of the phone for you to, to help you and tweak things as necessary until you achieve balance. Nothing could be easier. That's what I've done, and it makes all the difference - so much more thorough and responsible than buying something from some high school kid in the aisles of a mega-store, you know? Doing it the slow way has made a huge difference in my health, and my doctor endorsed it and says to keep doing what I'm doing. So, if you want something simple but are willing to do it over time, rather than just do it for 3 days and then go back to your previous habits and diets, this might be for you.



answers from Dallas on

Advocare has a 24 day challenge. The first 10 days are a cleanse then you add vitamins. I don't do well with diets and have been successful with the challenge. Also, my energy level increased thanks to spark. Private message me if you would like more info and I can get you in touch with the right people.

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