Looking for Dog Trainer W/ Experience in Separation Anxiety

Updated on January 06, 2010
W.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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We just adopted an adorable bagel (beagle/basset mix) from a beagle rescue. The dog was described as a couch potato, very house trained, great around kids -- the only thing true was the part about being good around kids. He has pretty bad separation anxiety which we think may be the root of most other problems he's got. We feel that he's got some really great qualities and has the potential to be a fantastic dog. We just need a trainer to help us out with the anxiety, get us on the right track before we loose our minds.

We're happy to hear your suggestions, but please keep in mind that we have previously owned dogs. My husband and I both grew up with dogs. This guy has some quirks that just has us scratching our heads and we're hoping that they're all linked to the separation anxiety.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who submitted their suggestions. We ended up taking him to Narnia and met with Kathie. She gave us plenty of tips, strategies, and insight, (she also suggested using Rescue Remedy). He's been with us for about 5 weeks and while he's showing some improvement there is still a long road ahead. We still haven't seen the "housetrained couch potato" we thought we adopted but we continue to hope he's in there somewhere!

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you did not say how long ago you adopted your new addition, every dog is very different, and it really may take a long time for the dog to get used to a new house( at the very least he has had 3 homes in a very short time) Narnia is great, and having any new eyes on the issue can give you good suggestions. Rescue remedy and comfort zone can work on some dogs and possible the DAP collars that you can find at most pet stores can help. Personally I research the vet and ask for their schooling on behavior issues before I went that route, especially prozac. Prozac should be used with behavior modification techniques, an has side effects, just my opinion but it would be m last resort

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Congratulations on your rescue dog! I give anyone credit who rescues instead of buying or breeding. :) Yes, some rescues come with some issues, BUT, I do believe the dogs know that you have given them a second chance.

I train dogs in the Oak Park area, so I am too far for you to travel, but I also have a dog with Sep Anx, and I agree that Narnia should be able to help you. I would also suggest seeing a vet with behavior experience (most do NOT have it, though they will tell you they do) in Sep Anx and prescribing either Clomicalm OR Prozac for dogs in this situation. My dog is on a daily dose (very small) of Prozac and has done AMAZINGLY well on it. We are able to crate her every day, and she is MUCH more comfortable and less anxious. If Narnia does not have suggestions of such a vet, I would recommend Dr. Yael Cidon in Oak Park at Pet Vets. You'd only need to see her once a year, so it's not that far to go to get some help for your dog.
If I can offer any support or suggestions, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

Again, congrats on your new family member! :)

Happy Holidays,



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Best place around is Narnia: http://www.narniapets.com/



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Try Narnia (like the CS Lewis book) in Aurora. The were recommended to us to help prepare our older dog for our new addition in 2008. They were wonderful!



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You could contact Kandra ###-###-####) with The Pooper Scoopers (they also do dog training) to see if she can help.



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You could try Rescue Remedy. It's an all-natural calmer that uses Bach Flower Essence. My cat had separation anxiety and it worked on her!

You could also try Comfort Zone for dogs, another all-natural remedy. That also worked on my cat but it's so expensive! I had to stop and start using Rescue Remedy because it worked just as good but is only $8 a bottle that lasts a long time versus $25 for a one-month supply of Comfort Zone. Good luck!

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