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Updated on January 07, 2007
R.J. asks from Clarksville, TN
10 answers

I am looking to find other moms with insulin dependent diabetes. I wear an insulin pump and really wanted to connect with other moms who may wear one or just take MDIs (multiple daily injections).

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answers from Florence on

Hello R.,
I just found out that I am a diabetic. Type 2 just taking pills 2x a day. I need to lose some weight but that has been real hard for me. I did lose 40 the first month I got real sick. I have thyroid disease so I also take synthyroid. My life has changed so much now with this. I find myself more sick now then before. I have good and bad days. But I have a 10 yr old son that keeps me going. I am having a hard time keeping my diet. I also have bad acid reflux. I take nexium for that. What a wonderful pill that is. But I do have to say that God is the real reason why I am still alive. I can not complain because I feel that I could be worse off. If you want to talk just holla this way. God bless you.



answers from Jackson on

Hi, Reggie, I am not yet on insulin but on the pills for diabetes. I was on shots in 2000 cause I was gestational diabetic and now i am diabetic (tpe 2). I am supposed to be on a carb diet but it is soooo hard to stay on it. like to chat with you when you want.



answers from Birmingham on

Hi R. and other Diabetics

I am Type 1 now for 19 years. (booo) I have been on the Insulin Pump now for I think 3 years. I use Medtronic Minimed, Paradigm model. I love it. My doctor introduced me to the pump and I could have kissed him. It was a lifesaver. I see Dr. Greg Flippo, an Internist, I do not like Endocronogilist to well (sorry I misspelled the word) anyway, they are no fun, besides an Internist sees you for anything.

My blood sugars have been easier to control since the pump. Although I have done what I think most would do on the pump, eat the foods we were told not too while on shots, but hey we have more control now, so I don't miss a beat anymore. But I do pay the price in weight gain, although was I became diabetic, that's when I became overweight. I do plan on talking to my doctor about the LapBand procedure.

I also take Synthroid meds, for my Thryoid.
Efferox, I'm a nut case, I do have 3 young kids, 12, 8, 7. -- 2dogs, Bichon's they are just as bad the kids so stubborn, oh and a husband, hee hee. love the man. but he does fall into the catogory of the kids and dogs. hee heee.

I do not excercise, I have a darn stupid herniated disc, it hurts so much, and knee trouble.

So that's my story.




answers from Jackson on

Hey R. my name is K. Lewis I found out that I have it in May of this year and it has been hard on me! The reason that I say that is because I have 3 small kidz and i'm tring to work and lose pounds on top of that!! So if you need someone to talk to i'm here.



answers from Hattiesburg on

Hello,I have been diabetic for 3 yrs now.I am on insulin now,I got on it back in the summer.I am on 10 units twice a day.Its called novolin70/30.I am also taking glimpiride 4mg,metformin 850mg,and altace2.5.I am not sure what the altace is for but i was told,its for incase I have problems in the future with my pressure and kidney.I am also taking Lexapro,I was under too much stress and my glucose was always high.My bad habit is not getting enough exercising,I used to exercise alot.I try to walk but not everyday.I am trying to cut down on foods I dont need.That is hard.Well enough about me for me.



answers from Jackson on

I have been a diabetic for 29 years and on the insulin pump for 2. I have an 11 year old daughter who does not have diabeties. If you have any questions or just need someone to vent to about this disease just e-mail me at [email protected]____.com




answers from Biloxi on

Hi R., I am a type 2 diabetic on pills but had to do shots when i was pregnant 2 times a day. I had my daughter c-section on nov 1st 2006 and a week after i had her i had to go back in the hospital. i got infection in my incision and it had started to eat into my stomach they had to reopen me, and leave me open for a week being packed twice a day. my dr said i got it because i am a diabetic since then my sugar runs real good not had to do the shots again, but my mother is a type 1 she is on shots. her sugar is bad tho its always over 200 and has been way higher



answers from Johnson City on

R. J,

HI there. How are you doing. My name is K.. I have diabetes also. I have been on meds sence July of 03. But this Oct. I was told that I my have type 1 not type 2 like they were thinking. I take byetta shots twice a day and Lantus shots once a day pluse pills twice a day. if you would like to talk sometime you can e-mail me at [email protected]____.com Well I hope you have a great Christmas.




answers from Dothan on

Hi R.! I don't but my mom takes MDIs! If you ever want to chat I'm here! :)



answers from Mobile on

Hi! I am an insulin dependent diabetic mom. I have been diabetic for 25 years, I have 2 children (11 and 7). I have been on an insulin pump since 1997. Feel free to email me at [email protected]____.com. I would love to chat with you!! :) A.

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