Looking for Daycare Open Til 10Pm!!

Updated on May 23, 2006
C. asks from San Antonio, TX
4 answers

I know it sounds crazy but let me tell you... trying to find one is even crazier!! I am looking for a daycare that is open later. I am a registered nurse who lives in the medical center. Any suggestions??

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answers from San Antonio on

I know a place that is open untill 12 midnight, at the corner of Thousand Oks and Nagodoces. If you are interessted let me know....




answers from San Antonio on

Lorena Lucero cares for children in her home. I spoke with her and 10PM is NO Problem! Her # ###-###-####.

She lives off Braun Rd and 1604 (Silverbrook subdivision - 78254).

Any ???, phone me, Y. ###-###-####



answers from San Antonio on

the latest one I have found is castlehills, but I haven't been able to get my son in to either one in my area because they have no openings (no staff...both have now hiring signs on them) they stay open till 12am. don't know much about the other two locations (blanco or centerview) but the one on nacogdoches my son atteneded before Chirstmas. the only problems I had with them were they allowed the kids to watch spounge bob (which to me is not a kids show) and they were rude to my husband. I went in there a few weeks ago to see if they had any openings because I got hung up upon when I called or put on hold... when I went in I said I wanted to see about getting my son reregistared...the lady looked at me and said "for what?" couldn't come up with a smatr alick remark...just said uh...for day care... so I guess you could say they were rude to me too.

Good luck with your search...don't know if you have thought about posting on like craigslist to see if there is anyone availible when you need.... wouldn't be a center, but you could probly have better luck finding exactly what you need there....



answers from San Antonio on


Check one of the following:

1. First Steps Child Development across from UTHSC

2. Castle Hills Learning Center on Centerview ###-###-#### (my 2 yo goes there, but is there during the day) I believe they have extended hours.

Hope this helps you out.

Bless You and Yours, G.

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