Looking for Day Care Not to Expansive in University Area

Updated on March 27, 2006
S. asks from Charlotte, NC
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Hello everybody.

I and my family are newcomers in Charlotte from France since one month. We have a 4 years old son and a 21 months old daughter.
I am staying at home but I go on the job I had in France. So, I need to find a day care solution overall for my son from now until next september in the university area. He stopped school in France (= free public preschool) last december and I want he meets other kids. He speaks french and arabic but not english yet. It will be a good thing if I can let my daughter from time to time too evec if I can keep her at home. I have a look in the preschool in Charlotte but it is so expansive...Does it exist other solution? Please help me.

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answers from Charlotte on

I am a local student looking for part time nanny work. I am college educated and have current certifications in infant/child/adult CPR and first aid, AED (defibulator used for cardiac arrest), and oxygen delivery (these are basic medical safety courses). I am nanny agency screened (they pay a professional company to do a background check) and I used to work for the government. So I have had two background checks and references available. I am available Monday and Saturday--all day, and Tuesday-Friday after 12:30 in the afternoon. My rate is $12/hour Please contact me if these times work for you, and if not please know that I am also available for occasional babysitting at night as well. Thank you for your time and welcome to Charlotte.




answers from Little Rock on

Hi S.,
Welcome and I hope your life is blessed greatly in this country! I wanted to ask if you had a church home yet, usually they offer a pre-school or some sort of child care for children. If you have access to the internet, do a search for a church that offers childcare services that is aligned with your personal religous beliefs!
Good luck in your search and God Bless you and your family!
A. A.



answers from Charlotte on

Hi, You could try a church preschool they are much cheaper. But they are most likey all full for this Spetember. If you are looking for in home care I would be interested. I have two kids who are 3 and 5(boys) and I live in Huntersville. Let me know if you would like to discuss his further.



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my child goes to a public school during the day, and a afterschool daycare program... so as for all day programs, I understand from other moms that this one is reasonable as compared to the ones in Charlotte. Harrisburg is a very short distance to drive from the University area. http://www.ruckushouse.com/v2/locations/nc-harrisburg/hom...



answers from Charlotte on

Hello S.,

Bienvenue a Charlotte! Mon nom est P. et ca va faire 5 ans que
je vis en Caroline du Nord. J'habite a Huntersville et j'ai une petite
fille, Amelie, qui aura 3 ans en aout. Desolee de ne pas pouvoir vous
renseigner au sujet de daycare pour votre fils (je ne connais pas la
University Area assez bien).Il est vrai que les preschools ici sont
cheres mais je ne pense pas qu'il y ait d'autre choix, a moins que
vous joignez un groupe ou les meres et les enfants se rencontrent,
voulant dire que vous n'avez pas vraiment de temps libre pour vous
meme! Pour le moment j'emmene ma fille au Kidtime de Huntersville
(North Cross shopping Center). Ce n'est pas comme une ecole mais un
endroit ou vous pouvez laissez vos enfants a jouer (4 heures maximun
d'affilee). Vous avez le choix d'acheter des heures en "package".
(6/15/30/90 heures) ...Le plus d'heures vous achetez, le moins cher
par heure...donc le prix varie de $6.50 a $10/12 par heure. Pour le
moment c'est l'option la plus economique que j'ai trouvee . Vous
pouvez laisser vos enfants en garde a tout moment, que ce soit une
demi heure ou 4 heures de suite. Mais peut etre etes vous beaucoup
trop loin de Huntersville pour considerer cette option(?). Je voulais
aussi me presenter. Je vais laisser mon adresse email et vous pouvez
me contacter is vous le desirez. Bonne chance dans vos recherches!

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