Looking for Creative Way to Tell Family About Baby on the Way

Updated on July 18, 2008
L.L. asks from Richmond, VT
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Hi all,
Looking for a fun way to tell my parents and in laws about a baby on the way. We would maybe like to find a way for our 2 children to help share the news.
We have done Christmas ornaments (for our 1st) and a "big sister" tshirt (for the 2nd).
any new ideas would be great!

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answers from Hartford on

I had my friend do a bib. But it sounds like they kids might be old enough to maybe just tell the grandparents that mama has a baby in the belly. Congrats.



answers from Boston on

With DD1 we asked my parents if they were going to be around when she was due - they asked why and we told them that we were going to be adding two feet to the house and would probably need their help (looooooong pause - they so didn't get it). I then added the rest - two feet, two hands, ten fingers, ten toes.... It was hilarious and cute and they loved it.

DD2 we announced via Christmas card signed me, DH, DD1 and Little Number 7 (as she'd be their seventh grandchild). It took a minute of total silence before one parent started laughing and the other crying!

As for DS - I got a call from my folks as I was headed home from the OB and I told them that the OB said that WE were doing just great... yet another long pause but it was fun just the same!

Congrats and enjoy! It's such a fun announcement!

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answers from Boston on

Hi L.,
Congratulations! I have a 21 month old daughter. We had our families over and had a chinese food night. I ordered custom fortune cookies on line (just do a google search, i think the company I used was in texas). It was such a great night. The only thing was it was so hard to keep quiet through out dinner but when we passed out the fortune cookies and one by one they were opened, it was so exciting!
Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

I bought each imminent grandmother an Anne Geddes date book(the one where she takes pictures of all the babies) and put a small stickie sticking out by the due date. Then I wrote "Baby Due Date" on the appropriate date. They really were surprised!

(almost as surprised as they were 2 weeks later when we discovered I was carrying twins!)



answers from Springfield on

I made a postcard that said "place photo of your 7th grandchild here" in a picture frame for my in-laws and wrapped it...it was really fun.



answers from Boston on

For our third child, we did a video. At the time we were taking tons of videos of our children and showing them to the grandparents whenever they did something "cute". So we filmed our regular cute thing and then filmed us a family telling them another grandchild was on the way. It was great because we could watch them watch the video and we have a copy of the "announcement" on video .... hummm...wonder where that is???????



answers from Burlington on

First, I want to congratualte you!!! When my sister found out she was pregnant she had myself and my parents in 1 room and gave us each a small package. She told us we had to open them all together. Inside was was a pair of baby booties, which she knitted (the size to fit a newborn). Hope this helps!!



answers from Boston on

TAKE picture of your kids sign "baby" like cradle with 2 arms. and make/decorate the card and mail it to your family? something different or make DVD with ur kids sign "baby"
something different.



answers from Boston on

Hi - Congratulations!

What about personalized M&Ms? I did that for my second child and it was hilarious. We had bets on who would notice first!



answers from Boston on

Congrats!! When I got pregnant with my son I had my daughter sit on the couch with a sign that I made that said I am going to be a big sister in August and I took a picture of her with the sign. I then printed out a bunch of random pictures and took them to my parents and to my in laws and put the picture in the middle of all the others and just had them go through them. When they got to the picture of her with the note it was pretty cool!! Good luck! I hope you find something that will work!!!



answers from Portland on

I got a picture frame that said "GRANDKIDS" with the letters cut out to put the pictures inside. I put my oldest in GRA, my second child in NDK and in "I" a picture of my positive pregnancy test, in "D" a picture of a 6 week fetus and in S a note that said "Reserved for the littlest one due on August 2nd"

I covered the letters with sticky notes so my Mom had to pull them off one at a time. By the time she got to the S she was sobbing and squealing!




answers from Boston on

Hi, Congratulations!! When I found out I was expecting, I held off saying anything for a few months until Christmas -then at a family gathering, gave my dad and stepmom a nice clock that I had engraved "Time to be Grandparents Again". It took them a minute or so - but finally figured it out especially after we started getting hugs and congrats from other family members that were present.




answers from Boston on

Hi L.- Congratulations! When I told my parents/in-laws about our baby due in Aug, I asked them if they wanted to see what my husband got me for christmas. I gave them an envelope with a picture of the sonogram I had taken at 10 wks. It was really funny, most of them had no idea what they were looking at and it took them a second to register!

Good luck.



answers from Boston on

grandma and grandpa bibs are fun and easy...



answers from Boston on

Why don't you get a picture frame with 3 slots - one for the 2 kids and 1 for an ultrasound picture? or 2...one for a picture of both kids together and 1 for the US picture?



answers from Providence on

sending a letter or post card with a copy of the baby's sonogram might be fun.



answers from Barnstable on

I think I would go to the craft store, make a special card, mail it to them and wait for their reaction.



answers from Boston on

These suggestions were on the internet...I would have your oldest read a poem that you all wrote together about how big the family is growing!! Enjoy this time and Congrats!
I like the frame idea and put your two kids on the first two holes and leave the third one blank with the due date on it??

You can go home and say you are gonna play hangman with your parents... and then in the sentences write " Congratulations! You are going to be grandparents!" Let them fill in the blanks and see what happens.

Or you can go to a store, buy some baby colored yarn, some knitting needles and a book that teaches you how to make baby clothes (booties, hats and mittens) and then mail it to your mom and tell her you want a set of hand made clothes for the new arrival.

Or You can get a champagne bottle, remove the label and put on a personalized label saying " Bring out the bubbly we are having a baby" or " Celebrate, great grandparents you will make"

Or send a basket full of baby goodies (bottle, toys, bibs, rattles) to their house...and then once you find out the package arrived...call them and ask "hey did u guys accidentally get my package"

Or go get a Babies R' Us catalog and circle things in it...and say that "I am sure your grandchild would really appreciate these things in his/her new nursery"

Lastly, you can send them a CD with all the nursery rhymes on it, and tell them to start practicing...it's important that grandparents can sing the baby to sleep.

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