Looking for Creative/best Ways to Display Kids Clothes for Garage Sale

Updated on April 18, 2011
C.C. asks from Crown Point, IN
12 answers

I hate when people just throw them in boxes or on tables - everything gets so messy and find myself not putting in the time to weed thru the stuff. Would like to put on racks but not sure how much they are or where to get them. Saw one person who had one of those circular racks that you see in retail stores - not sure where she got it. Can I rent something like this?

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answers from Dallas on

Never spend money to do a garage sale. We tie a rope from the open garage door from one end to the other and string them up there.

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answers from Pittsfield on

I once saw someone tightly tied a rope between 2 trees and hung clothes on it. Would that work for you?

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answers from Madison on

If you have two ladders you can put something like a sturdy shower curtain rod, or I've used the handles from rakes and brooms across them to make a hanging display.

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answers from Columbus on

Find on craigslisy or something someones old patio table w/the glass part out. It works perfect as a rack.



answers from Clarksville on

I have used rolling garment rack.


answers from Milwaukee on

Hung up clothes will always get looked at. Ask around to see if anybody you know will loan you a garment rack if the clothes line idea doesn't work.



answers from Las Vegas on

I think when things look neat and above all CLEAN.. then I might be more apt to purchase something used... So if anything, do display neatly and make sure things are clean. so often, people just put our old dirty things.. it's disgusting. Also, if you have cute outfits, put those together. sometimes people can't envision how an outfit might look if it's just laying there all folded up... make the items look appealing.. same goes with cups and saucers... display them on a box with a cute little tablecloth or something... make it look enticing.. just like stores do....
if you make your items look more upper-end , I think people will take a closer look..

best of luck



answers from Chicago on

We use hang up racks or if no rack available use 2 wooden ladders open and standing up with a long broom or in our case a pc of conduit to hang stuff on. I fold up tshirts, jeans and shorts onto tables. don't put anything in boxes on the ground. If I have to bend over and my butts up in the air to look at it I won't bother lol. good luck


answers from Dallas on

Those racks are expensive. I have used a latter on the end of two chairs. Worked very well for me. I didn't pack them all together. That makes it undesireable to look at every single one of them.
Worked for me.


answers from St. Louis on

The rope ideas are good. We use ladders and hang the clothes all over in a tier fashion. They always get looked at that way.

I agree - don't invest money for a garage sale - cuts into your profits. I save plastic bags to use for those who buy multiple items so I don't have to purchase bags.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

i use something that i can lay a ladder down on each end and hang the clothes on the ladder



answers from Dallas on

I don't know about renting them, I wouldn't want to invest money in something used in a garage sale. It cuts into your profits. :) But I do garage sale a lot and I don't look at the clothes when they are stacked on a table. Unless it's really organized. A ladder on two chairs like Marsha C mentioned seems to work well. I have also seen clothes line strung up and used as a rack. This weekend a woman used clothes line tied to two ladders. She used the rungs of the ladder to display the shoes she had to sell too. She couldn't fit everything she had because it would get a bit too heavy. So she hung up some things and then when she sold something she replaced the empty hangers with stuff from her table set up. Another person this weekend simply pulled a bar from her own closet and propped it on two chairs to display her clothes. I have also seen things hung off the little lip on a garage door.

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