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Updated on May 22, 2006
R.T. asks from Carrollton, TX
7 answers

I am new to Coppell and am looking for a good consignment store to buy little boy clothes, toys, etc....

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answers from Dallas on

I've heard good things about Rock-a-bye Bay in Carrollton, on Hebron.

One of my favorites is Kid to Kid in Highland Village on FM407 in the Kroger shopping center. I think Kid to Kid has a website where you can look up other locations in case there's one closer to you.

Once Upon a Child is at 1171 (also called Cross Timbers) and Morriss in Flower Mound. The prices on their toys and gear are great. Clothing prices tend to run higher than I'd like to pay, but their selection is tremendous and the clothing is well-organized. They have TONS of shoes.

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answers from Houston on

I am new to the area as well, so maybe Denton is too far for you.......But if it isn't, I have been going to a little consignment store called Baby's Britches. It is on Hwy 380, next door to a Subway. I like it a lot, has tons of stuff. They will buy from you outright also if you have things you no longer need. Try a yahoo map for direction. If it doesn't come up (is new store, so might not) just email me. I can look up thier phone number for you. I have a denton phone book. When you go tell them T. (thier bow maker) sent you!



answers from Dallas on

If you go down Denton Tap and take a left onto beltline, it will bring you into addison. On that road there is a thrift store. I haven't gotten a chance to go there yet but it seems like a decent size. It will be on your left. Hope this helps you, let me know how it is if you go!



answers from Dallas on

Once Upon a Child in Flower Mound is my favorite. But, even better is the huge Divine Consign sale that's held twice per year. Go to divineconsign.net for more details. I go to those sales in the spring and fall, and get almost everything I need for the summer and winter seasons. It's great!



answers from Dallas on

I know there is a Kids Consignment sale at the Dallas Stars Ice Arena on Gaylord and the tollway. It's the 19th and 20th of May. I hope that helps some.



answers from Dallas on

Once Upon a Child in Flower Mound is great -- always has alot of Gymboree clothes and it is clean and in good condition. $5-7 for cute little outfits and good selection of shoes. Toy section is also fairly large. It is on FM1171 or Main Street in Flower Mound next to the Kohl's store.



answers from Dallas on


Welcome to Coppell. I don't know of any Coppell stores but I do visit a coupel that are further east: Rock a bye baby (Old Denton & Heborn in Carrollton) and Kid to Kid (Parker and Midway in Plano). Check out Dallas Child magazine; there are always several places listed in the advertising section.

Good luck!

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