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Updated on January 30, 2007
A. asks from Brookland, AR
4 answers

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to exercise for free or a small fee for large family--6 kids, ages 6-15. A place where I could walk or exercise and the kids could play or workout in safety. I thought perhaps there might be a church gym or community center close enough to go to in the evenings a few times a week. My husband doesn't like to "exercise", but he likes to play basketball and swim. I used to walk outside every morning before breakfast, but am beginning to feel like it may not be safe anymore.

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answers from Jonesboro on

I seen where someone mentioned the new Paragould community center. Its on the edge of town towards Jonesboro. They have an indoor and outdoor pool, Basketball courts, ping pong tables, raquet ball courts and equipment, aerobic classes, and exercise equipment. There is a walking "track" right above the basketball courts, so you can look down and watch your husband play basketball. We really like it and my husband loves to play basketball too.



answers from Little Rock on

We enjoy the city parks around Jonesboro. The Earl Bell park and community center includes a building with gym and such indoors, tennis courts and public pool outdoors, and a great little park playground behind it, with a track right behind that connected to the 6th Grade school, but open to public use and fenced off. We also enjoy going to the Crowley's Ridge Nature Center to hike their new trails together as a family and rewarding our toddler with plenty of time after (though he seems to enjoy the hike, too!) inside the Nature Center or hiking to and from Craighead Forest Park to the Nature Center trails and back stopping afterwards at the big Rotary Park playground on the lake. (Trailhead to the Nature Center is right around the turn off for that playground and can loop back to it.) Plus, if you're kid's are old enough to be somewhat out of sight for a few minutes, they have created a cove and bridget to loop a short track right there beside the Rotary playground which stays a-buzz with kids and families.



answers from Jonesboro on

Have you tried the Paragould Community Center. It is great we go there some times on the weekend and play basket ball (my husband myself and my two year old daughter.) And they also have a pool and other activities. Give it a try!




answers from Jonesboro on

There is a new park built at Craighead Forrest at Pallivon #5. It is really big and has a nice fenced in area to play. It also has a basketball court and there are plenty of trails out there to walk on. It is really neat out there. My son loves it and it is well shaded. Also, you could try the YMCA on W. Nettleton Ave. It has a track, a gym upstairs, a pool that is outside for the summer and inside in the winter, plus has a huge park.

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