Looking for CNA And/or LPN Programs in the Area...

Updated on October 19, 2006
D.W. asks from New Port Richey, FL
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We've just arrived from Indiana and I had originally planned to attend Pasco-Hernando Comm College until we got here and realized how far away it is from our home (Dunedin/Palm Harbor border). Anyone have recommendations for where I can get CNA training (free would be ideal)? Thanks!

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I don't know the closest place to receive CNA training, but I did want to let you know that I am a recruiter for the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, and we hire a ton of nursing students for various entry-level positions. The hospital is located on the USF campus, so for nursing students in the area, it is quite convenient. If you ever find yourself looking for a healthcare position in the area, let me know! If you want to check out the website, it is www.moffitt.org.

Best of luck!




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Hi D.....Iam currently attending SPC (Clearwater Campus) for my A.A....Iam more than halfway done..but I was also taking prerequisites for the nursing program.....I was doing that until I heard how high your GPA had to be for the nursing program...a friend of mine was on the waiting list and had all her prereqs for the program done..they told her a 3.67 wasn't high enough..Iam working my rear end off and I have a 3.5...plus I heard the waiting time to get in was 2 years.....I decided to get my AA done then go to PTEC....they have campuses in St. Pete and Clearwater....you have to take the TABE test and get an 11.0....then you take whats called a NOCTI test...its just a basic assessment of your skills and knowledge (the nocti isn't graded though) so the only thing you have to worry about is the Tabe test.....after you pass the tabe you are put on the waiting list....PTEC isn't as expensive as the other schools....If you do find a private institution....make sure it is accredited...I've checked out a few other LPN schools and they want 16,000 for 3 semesters...hopefully I helped a little :)



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Have you looked into SPJC? (well now st pete college) They have a campus in Palm Harbor!




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Check Morton Plant or Mease Hospitals, I worked for them for 6 years, until last year when I left to stay home with my daughter. They have a program called Earn as You Learn. They pay for your training. Call the Job line for Morton Plant Mease, if you call the Call Center, ###-###-####, they will transfer you there.



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Hello D.,

I am also from Indiana...Anderson that is. I know a lot of people attend Galen in St. Petersburg for their 1 year LPN program. It's a little pricey but it's worth it just for 1 year.


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