Looking for Classes for Ladies Fun day...pottery, Cooking, Etc.

Updated on September 08, 2009
A.H. asks from Irving, TX
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Hi all. Do you have any ideas on who does classes like for a fun day...cooking classes; pottery, ceramic something different girlfriends can get together and do? Cake decorating...something! It is my good friend's birthday and I want to do a fun class together where we learn something and laugh at the same time. Thanks!! Anywhere in the metroplex works.

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My friends and I have gone to Sunshine Glaze in Southlake Town Square. It is a ceramics place where you chose a piece and you decorate it, whether you paint it or do a mosaic piece. It's great to get together to spend time with friends. Have fun!

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Google eyes in Irving has some fun classes and you can ask for a private one too!

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I've done a fun ladies night out at Smashing Times - ceramic tiles - it's in Preston/Royal. Also I know Central Market at Whole Foods hold cooking classes. Puple Glaze ceramics on Lovers. Swirll Winery in Downtown Dallas - you get a group together and bottle your own wines.



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Dragon Fire Yoga (on Garland Road near the Arboretum) is having a partner yoga workshop on September 26th. Although it is several weeks away (I don't know when the birthday is) it is a fun thing to do with a good friend. The two of you help and trust each other in yoga poses together. And yes, there is always some laughing involved! :)


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Hello A.,

I teach classes, workshops, etc. to women on organization. This could be with time management, paper management, organizing your kids, new and re-purposed products you can buy to get organized, etc.

I do in home parties and speak to organizations thourgh out the DFW area. It's defently something different, fun, and very particual.

For more topics and more details so what my company does please visit our site.

L. B.

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